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Dimensional grid of clothes and shoes

The sellers of our site use the following dimensional grid of goods in the "Clothes" category:

Размерная сетка одежды Pepelino

Dimensional grid of shoes:

Children's shoes: size chart in cm, by age, Russian size

You can search for clothes and accessories using the "Size" filter. In this case, you will only be shown products of a certain size.

The following filters are also available for your search:

- gender (to search in the category Furniture, Toys, Interior, Newborn, Textile, Clothes)

- color (for searching in all categories)

- material (to search in the categories Clothes, Textiles)

- age (to search in the category Furniture, Toys)

- theme (stickers, posters)

How to add characteristics to their products, sellers can find out in the section Site rules - Products - How to add product characteristics for filter search? here