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Frequently asked questions

What is Oozor.ru?
Oozor.ru is an online marketplace where many different stores sell goods for children. On Oozor.ru you can trade hand-made goods for children, as well as goods created in small industries. We are also glad to official representatives and resellers of brands of children's goods.

What can be sold on Oozor.ru?

We invite interesting projects to open their own store on Oozor.ru. We have placed children's products in the following categories:

  • Furniture
  • clothing
  • Textile
  • Toys
  • Products for newborns
  • Decor and light

Is placement on Oozor.ru paid?

From September 1, 2020, accommodation on our site is possible at two rates - Standard and Pro. You can find more information about tariffs and conditions on the "Tariff plans " page.

Does Oozor.ru have pre-moderation?
Yes. Pre-moderation allows us to select on our site those products that will be most interesting to our customers and have every chance of high sales. If your application for creating a store is approved or rejected, you will receive a notification about this to the mailing address specified during the application.

Is it possible to sell used goods on Oozor.ru?
No. The sale of second-hand goods on our website is prohibited.

Is it possible to sell products on Oozor.ru that are not made manually / by me?

We are not aiming to become a playground for handicrafts; we strive to become a playground for products for children and their parents. Therefore, the resale of goods of other brands and manufacturers on our website is allowed, but only if you are an official reseller of these goods and you have the relevant documents confirming this. The illegal sale and resale of counterfeits is prohibited on our website.

How do I sell custom made products?
Very simple! Publish products with a picture of samples, attaching a detailed description and working conditions, as well as the time for making the product to order. Customers will contact you via internal chat and you can discuss order details directly.

Can you resell well-known brands on Oozor.ru?
Yes, in the event that you are an official distributor of this product and you have the relevant documents confirming this. The illegal sale and resale of counterfeits is prohibited on our website.

What are the criteria for selecting stores for the site?
In order to open a store on our site, you must submit an application. We consider applications within three working days. Any decision (the application is approved or rejected) you will receive a notification to the mailing address specified in the application. We reserve the right not to specify the reason for the refusal. You can familiarize yourself with all the possible reasons for refusal to register a store on our site in the "Store selection criteria" section on our website.

What options do sellers have on Oozor.ru?

The store's capabilities depend on the tariff you choose.

The "Standard" tariff includes a standard set of features of the seller on Oozor.ru, you can:

  • fully manage a huge number of product functions (add multiple images of one product, upload instructions and manuals to it), indicate availability, indicate discounts and bulk discounts, offer free shipping and apply options to products)
  • communicate with customers using an internal chat
  • see statistics of product views of your store
  • send customers a track number for order tracking directly from our website with online tracking
  • receive SMS informing about orders
  • your products will be displayed on your showcase, the maximum number of them is 8

In the "Pro" tariff, in addition to the standard set of features, you can:

  • create promo codes for your products
  • offer discounts to customers on products that are in their baskets
  • collect your goods in collections
  • have a full-fledged showcase with a beautiful banner, logo and unlimited number of products
  • see statistics of order sources
  • connect acceptance of payments on the site
  • receive SMS informing about orders