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About Us

What is Oozor.ru?

Oozor . ru is an online marketplace where all those who are faced with the need to search or the desire to create attractive products for children can find whatever their heart desires.

What can be sold on Oozor.ru?

Today we offer stores to sell baby products in the following categories:






Products for newborns

If you want to sell a product in a category not presented on Oozor.ru, please write to us at info@oozor.ru

What can you buy on Oozor.ru?

On Oozor.ru you can choose from a huge number of products, ranging from serial pieces of furniture to unique toys made by hand to order. On Oozor.ru you can buy goods of small industries and handicrafts, as well as resellers of famous brands.

Who can become a seller on Oozor.ru?

All those who create attractive products for children and their parents can become a seller on Oozor.ru. We strive to collect on our site all the best that can be combined with one simple word - "children". Oozor.ru is open to all sellers, from individual craftsmen to manufacturing. In order to open your store on our site, you need to follow a few simple registration steps.

Does Oozor.ru have pre-moderation?

Yes. Pre-moderation allows us to preserve the main thing - the atmosphere. We are ready to support our sellers technically and informationally, promote their products and write about them on the blog and on social networks, because we really want to create a platform where everyone can sell what they create. But for this, especially at the initial stage, we consider it necessary to strictly select those goods and services that can be seen on the site.

Is it possible to sell used goods on Oozor.ru?

No. At this stage, we will not post any items labeled "second hand".

How do I sell custom made products?

Very simple! Publish products with a picture of samples, attaching a detailed description and working conditions. Customers will contact you via an internal chat or using the contact information provided in the store, and you can discuss the details of the order directly.

Can I resell other brands on Oozor.ru?

Yes, in the event that you are an official distributor of this product and you have the relevant documents confirming this. The illegal sale and resale of counterfeits is prohibited on our website.

What options do sellers have on Oozor.ru?

The standard set of seller options on Oozor.ru is quite wide. Here you can open your store and design a showcase to your taste, describing all the terms and conditions, adding a logo, banner and linking all your social media accounts. Here you cannot just add pictures of products, as on a regular page site or on a social network, but fully manage a huge number of functions: add several images of one product, upload instructions and manuals to it, attach tags for promotion, indicate the quantity in stock, availability and expected date delivery. Buyers will receive email notifications and invoices with the logo of the store they bought from. Also, store owners can chat and exchange messages with customers, keep their blog, create pages with polls and voting, participate in promotions and contests.

What options do buyers have on Oozor.ru?

Our main users - buyers - will be able to choose from a huge number of products using a convenient interface and, undoubtedly, a lot of opportunities for communication: they will be able to leave comments and reviews, rate purchased products, share interesting things on social networks.

For all questions of cooperation, write to support@oozor.ru