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Product question

Oozor.ru is a marketplace where different stores sell goods for children.

All products that you see on Oozor.ru belong to different stores. You can find information on how to buy on our marketplace here .

If you have a question about a product, delivery or payment, you can write a message to the seller of this product by clicking on the "Ask seller a question" button in the product card.

If you have any claims about the goods, please contact the seller in whose store the goods were purchased.

If you have any complaints regarding the operation of the store itself, please send them using the "Problems with order" form here.

If you liked the work and products of the store, we would be grateful if you leave your feedback. How to leave feedback is described here .

Delivery and payment terms are different for each store - pay attention to this. Information on delivery and payment is indicated under each item in the "Delivery and payment" tab. You can read more about "Delivery and Payment" on our website here .

The terms of return and exchange of sellers' goods are described under each item in the "Shop rules" tab. You can read more about the terms of "Return and Exchange" on our website here.

If you have any questions, you can ask us using the form below.