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Frequently asked questions

Which plan is right for me?

If you have a small assortment (up to 8 products) or you are just starting your business, we recommend starting with the "Standard" tariff.

As part of the standard tariff plan, you will have the opportunity to publish products, add discounts, volume discounts to them, offer free shipping on them, track availability and create different variants of one product (options). You can also send customers tracks for tracking shipments online, correspond with them in the internal chat and receive SMS informing about orders. To analyze store activity, you will have access to statistics on product views and your storefront. You will have your own showcase with banner and logo.

If you have a wide assortment, but you are not a beginner in business and need a full-fledged online store, then we recommend choosing the “Pro” tariff plan.

As part of this tariff plan, you can use all the basic features of the store, have your own full-fledged showcase with a beautiful banner and logo, publish an unlimited number of products and arrange them in a collection for the convenience of customers. You can also create promo codes for purchases in your store, offer customers discounts on pending purchases in their carts. From the reports, you will have access to statistics on product and profile views, as well as a marketing report that shows the source of each order. Also, in the “Pro” tariff plan, you can set up payment for your store and accept payments for goods directly on the site (the option is available for officially registered legal entities or self-employed).

How do i pay for the tariff plan?

After you choose a tariff plan that suits you (you can do this in the seller's office in the Shop-Store profile-Tariff plans section, or by choosing a tariff plan when applying to open a store), your balance will be updated - it will become negative and decrease for the amount of payment for the tariff plan.

Using the button "Pay debt", which is located on the main page of your merchant account, you will go to the checkout page and can pay for your tariff plan directly on the site using the payment method you have chosen. After completing the payment, the balance will be updated, the tariff plan will be considered paid and you can start working in the store. You will receive invoices for order and payment for the tariff plan by e-mail. You have 5 days to pay for the tariff plan, if you do not pay the debt within 5 days, your seller's account and storefront will be blocked until you pay the debt.

Why is the tariff plan paid for one year in advance?

Store development takes time. On average, it takes from several months to six months to decorate a shop window and study all the possibilities of your store, promote your products and receive the first orders and reviews. Store products need to collect views, add to cart, sales and reviews to be shown higher in search and in categories.

We believe that paying for a tariff plan for a period of a year is the best solution for those who purposefully develop their store.

Can I switch from one tariff plan to another?

You can always switch from one tariff plan to another. To do this, you need to select the desired tariff plan in your seller's office in the Shop-Shop profile-Tariff plans section and pay for it, following the instructions for paying for the tariff plan.

When switching from the "Standard" tariff to the "Pro" tariff, you will need to pay for the new tariff in full.

You can switch from the "Pro" tariff to the "Standard" tariff, however, to do this, you need to delete unnecessary products, leaving the maximum possible number of products for the standard tariff-8 on the storefront. The new tariff is paid in full.

How do I know when it's time to renew my plan?

Payment for using the tariff is carried out for a period of 365 days. The term is calculated from the moment of switching to the tariff, and not from the moment of payment.

10 days before the expiration of your tariff, you will receive a notification about the need to renew it to your email.

During these 10 days, you can change the tariff to another one that is valid at the end of the paid period, or renew the tariff that is valid at the end of the paid period.

Your tariff plan can be automatically renewed if the chosen tariff is valid at the time of its expiration. You will have 5 days to pay it.