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How to buy?

Oozor.ru is a marketplace where different stores sell goods for children.

All products that you see on Oozor.ru belong to different stores.

Delivery and payment terms are different for each store - pay attention to this. Information on delivery and payment is indicated under each item in the "Delivery and payment" tab.

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To buy an item, follow the simple steps:

1.Put the product into the shopping cart

2.complete the order (indicate contact information and delivery address)

3. Receive a confirmation email.

4. The seller will contact you to confirm the order.

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If you have added products from different sellers to your shopping cart, then when placing an order, the invoice will be automatically split and you will be prompted to place orders for each store separately.

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If you have any claims about the goods, please contact the seller in whose store the goods were purchased.

If you have any claims regarding the operation of the store itself, please send them to the email address support@oozor.ru

If you liked the work and products of the store, we would be grateful if you leave your feedback.

Happy shopping on Oozor.ru!