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Seller: open a dispute

Working with orders and customer feedback are the key tasks of sellers on our site. We closely monitor negative reviews and customer complaints about the quality of goods, as well as the service that sellers provide to buyers.

However, we also want to protect sellers from unfounded negative reviews and complaints that may appear not only due to the incorrect operation of the store, but also due to deliberate damage to the reputation and the overall rating of the store on our site.

If a negative review was left on your store that you consider unfounded, you can open a dispute against it. Using the form below, describe in detail the situation that has developed within the framework of the order, for which a negative review was left, and attach all the necessary documents to the dispute (screenshots of correspondence with the buyer, delivery invoices, payment invoices, and so on). We consider disputes within 5 working days. As a result, the site administrator will either leave the customer's review in your store, unless it is interpreted as unreasonable, or it will be removed from the window of your store, if there are grounds for this.

Please read the Feedback Feasibility Policy before opening a dispute regarding a review:

What reviews might be considered unfounded?

1. First of all, reviews with the number of stars "three or less" are subject to consideration, since such reviews can significantly harm the reputation and rating of the store.

2. If the goods that the buyer did not receive were negatively assessed (the shipment was not made, the cargo was blocked, as a result of which the buyer did not receive the goods, or otherwise, documenting that the goods were not received and viewed by the buyer), such a review may be considered unreasonable.

3. If the politeness of the seller was assessed negatively, but this is not objectively confirmed within the attached correspondence with the buyer, such a review may be considered unfounded.

4. If the speed of delivery, and not shipment, was assessed negatively (the speed of shipment means the period during which the seller sent the goods, and the speed of delivery means the period during which the transport service delivered the goods), such a review may be considered unreasonable. A violation of the terms of shipment is considered to be a delay in the shipment of 2 or more days.

5. If the terms of manufacturing the order are assessed negatively, provided that the buyer was notified of the timing of production in advance and this is documented by screenshots of correspondence with the seller, and the time of manufacturing the order must be indicated in the appropriate column in the product card.

6. If the seller offered any alternative designed to satisfy the buyer and resolve the problem, but was ultimately not chosen by the buyer for biased reasons, such a withdrawal may be considered unfounded.

7. If the review contains profanity, insults to the seller, his goods and store, such a review may be considered unfounded.

8. If the review contains any complaints about the product that are subjective and do not relate to its quality, to the characteristics specified in the product card or to the characteristics previously agreed with the seller (which must be documented), such a review may be considered unfounded.

We remind you that the deletion of an unreasonable review, in turn, does not cancel the sanctions against the store to which such a review was left, if a violation of the site rules when working with an order did take place.