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Shipping and payment

Oozor.ru is a marketplace where different stores sell.

Terms of delivery and payment for each store are different, you can familiarize yourself with them under the product itself in the "Delivery and payment" tab.

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When placing an order, choose a convenient delivery method:

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As soon as you place an order, the seller will contact you and confirm your order.

Payment is made by agreement with the seller in accordance with the rules of the store where the goods are purchased.

To confirm your payment for the goods, the seller will change the status of your order to "Paid" (about which you will receive a corresponding notification). Delivery is confirmed by changing the order status to "Sent" (with a corresponding notification by mail). The seller can attach a track to the shipment for online tracking if the Russian Post or SDEK was selected as the delivery method when ordering. You can track such a shipment online directly from our website.

The goods can be paid by credit card.

The Seller returns the money paid earlier by the Buyer to the bank card with which the goods were paid.

The Buyer's claim for the return of the money paid for the goods returned in accordance with the requirements of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" must be satisfied by the Seller within ten days from the date of the relevant request (Article 22 of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights").