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Full instructions for setting up payment are in the Site Rules - Payment section ...

Sellers can accept payments for their products on our site.

In order to accept payments on the site, the store must comply with a number of legal requirements.

To accept payment for goods on the site, your store must meet the following requirements:

1. The store must be owned by a company, individual entrepreneur or self-employed (it must be the owner of the store).

2. The store owner must have a bank account to receive payments for the goods.

3. The store owner must be tax-registered and ensure the formation of fiscal receipts.

4. The store owner must conclude an agreement with a payment system that conducts payments online (acquiring).

5. The store must use the Oozor.ru Tariff plan, which includes the service of accepting payments on the website (Pro tariff plan).

Payment settings are available to all sellers of the Pro plan in their personal account in the Administration - Payment methods section.

The procedure for connecting payment for goods on the Site.

1. Go to the seller's office in the Administration - Payment Methods section.

2. In "Payment Methods" select "Add a payment method" and add a new payment method.

3. In the settings of the created payment method, select the payment processor through which payments will be made on the site:

-to accept payment by bank cards, choose the processor "Yookassa.ru (Yandex Cash)"

- to accept PayPal payments, choose the "PayPal" processor

- to accept payments outside the site, select the processor "Agree with the seller"

4. To specify payment keys in setting up a payment method, follow the instructions of a payment system specialist. Be sure to inform the yookassa.ru employee that your store uses the "CS-cart" CRM.

5. In the "Test" mode, make a test payment, which will be confirmed by the payment system specialist. After successfully passing the test payment, you will be able to switch to the "Working" mode.

6. If your store is owned by an individual entrepreneur or a company, you need to purchase and connect an online cashier in accordance with 54-FZ before accepting payments. Self-employed people do not need to purchase an online cash register, they can generate checks through the "My Tax" service or through "Sberbank Online".

7. Calculate the optimal shipping rates. Now, when ordering in your store, the buyer will immediately pay not only for the goods, but also for the delivery. The functionality for setting your own shipping rates is available to shops approved for accepting payments in the Administration - Delivery Methods section.

Useful links:

1. It is possible to install two payment processors on our site - "Yookassa.ru (Yandex Cash)" and PayPal.

You can familiarize yourself with the procedure for connecting "Yookassa.ru (Yandex Cash)", tariffs and register in the payment system here .

2. According to the law, payments on the site can be accepted by companies (officially registered legal entities) and individual entrepreneurs, as well as self-employed. Oozor.ru, in partnership with Sberbank, is conducting a joint program for the self-employed , which allows self-employed people to register online and receive a set of services for developing their business called "Own Business". We recommend this registration form to all novice sellers who are ready to develop their business and conduct business within the framework of the law. You can find more information about the self-employed here .

3. For more information on the legal forms of registration of entrepreneurs, as well as the types of taxation systems for each legal form, you can find here .