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Store selection criteria

In order to open a store on our site, you must submit an application and get approval to create a store. We consider applications within five working days. You will receive a notification about any decision (the application is approved or rejected) to the mailing address specified in the application.

How long is the approval of the application valid?

Approval of an application for placing a store is valid for 1 month for stores that have not paid the backlog for the tariff plan and have not added a single product. After this period, the approval is canceled.

If your approval has been revoked, you can reapply on a general basis.

What data must be indicated in the application:

1. The name of your store. Try to use a simple and concise name, because this is how your store will be called on our website, and this name will also be displayed on your storefront, in order invoices and in dialogues with the customer.

2. A brief description of your store (column "About us"). Indicate in 1-2 sentences what exactly your store is selling.

3. Description of the terms of delivery and payment. This data will be displayed in your store and in every product on the site if the application for opening is approved.

4. Contact person of the store. This information will be available to the site administrator.

5. Email address. We urge you to indicate not backup addresses, but only working and up-to-date ones. You will be informed about all actions on the site (orders, messages from buyers, information from the administrator) using e-mail notifications. If you provide an address that is not relevant to you, you risk missing letters that are important for your store.

6. Indicate where your products can be viewed. This can be your store's commercial account on social networks, your store's website, or your storefront address on other marketplaces. We rate the store on this very point. Applications that do not indicate sources or provide incomplete sources are automatically rejected.

What is pre-moderation for?

Pre-moderation allows us to maintain a faithful atmosphere on the site and show customers the products that they are most likely to want to buy. In our decision, we rely on the statistics of sales of existing stores, on a general vision of the marketing strategy of our project, as well as on the commercial potential of the store's products, which is determined according to search queries and reports of advertising campaigns for products from our website.

We do not ask clarifying questions when considering an application, therefore, when submitting an application, it is advisable to indicate the source of your goods (website, account on social networks, etc.), in such a form and at that stage of readiness that will allow us to get the maximum idea of your store and its products.

For what reasons can we reject the application?

We reserve the right not to specify the reason for the refusal. You can find below all the possible reasons for refusing to register on our site for stores.

1. Inconsistency of the store's products to the categories or topics of the site.

2. Low commercial potential of the product (determined by the statistics of sales of goods already trading on the site of stores).

3. Oversaturation of the category to which the goods of the store that submitted the application belong.

4. Photos of poor quality store goods.

5. Scattered assortment of the store, which does not allow you to understand what exactly the store will sell on the site.

6. Alleged unreliability of the store. We can doubt the trustworthiness of a store if:

  • the store uses photographs of products from other stores and manufacturers to present its products
  • the store has low activity in social networks (no updates for 3 months or more)
  • we know for certain from other sources about the unreliability of the store
  • we will find negative reviews about products or about the work of the store on other marketplaces or sites

You can apply here.