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Product Reviews

We will be very grateful if you leave a review about a product purchased in a store on our website.

Reviews, both positive and negative, help us improve the way the stores that sell on our site can help customers get a more objective view of the product they are about to buy.

In order for the feedback system on our website to be transparent, we give the opportunity to leave feedback only to registered customers and only on those products that they bought by placing an order on our website. You cannot leave a review about a product if you placed an order for it without registering. Also, you cannot leave a review for a product that you have not purchased by placing an order on our website.

In order to leave a review about a product, log in to the site and follow the simple steps:

1. Go to the product you purchased through the "Orders" section of your account. Alternatively, you can find the product you purchased through the search on the site.

2. Open the "Reviews" tab in the product.

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3. Leave your feedback. In addition to evaluating the product and the store by three criteria (quality of the product, speed of service, courtesy of the seller), you can leave your comment, as well as upload a photo of the product you purchased.

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Please be aware that our site has a Feedback Informed Policy. Any reviews containing insults, profanity, and a switch to the identity of the seller can be removed by the site moderator without proceedings.

Against an unreasonable negative review, the seller himself can open a dispute. You can read the “Feedback Soundness Policy” here .

If you have a problem with a product or order, you can first settle it with the seller in whose store you bought the product. If it is impossible to resolve the problem with the seller, you can contact the administration of our site for help by writing to us at support@oozor.ru, or by filling out the " Problems with order " form.

You cannot change the review you left. However, it can be changed by the site administrator after your request.