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What to write in the "About us" section?

In the "About us" section, you have the opportunity to tell about yourself and your project - what it does, what products it sells, how many years it has existed. You can also add images to your description. The "About Us" tab is displayed on your storefront.

What to write in the "Delivery and payment" section?

The information that you specify in the "Delivery and Payment" section will be displayed on the window of your store, as well as in each of your products, so try to describe all the conditions in detail. Write what payment systems you accept, what postal services you send orders. It is also important to indicate the terms of prepayment and payment when making products to order.

What to write in the "Shop rules" section?

The information that you specify in the "Store Rules" section will be displayed on the window of your store, as well as in each of your products, so try to describe all the conditions in detail. This information is necessary, first of all, for your store: in case of disputes with customers, you can always rely on it for orders.

- Term of confirmation / payment of the order by the buyer: specify the period during which the buyer must contact you and confirm or pay for the order. After this period, if the buyer does not confirm the order, you will be able to set the "canceled" status to this order.

- Term and conditions for the exchange and return of goods: describe how long and under what conditions the buyer can return or exchange the goods purchased in your store. Remember that the terms of exchange and return in your store cannot be contrary to the law.

- Terms of payment and prepayment of the order: describe how the order is paid, the amount of the prepayment, the terms of payment and prepayment for the goods.

- Terms and conditions for sending the order, describe how long what goods you are sending. If your store ships on specific days, please indicate that.

- What goods cannot be returned and exchanged: specify the conditions for this item. Remember that the terms of exchange and return in your store cannot be contrary to the law.

- Other Rules: Describe any other rules regarding merchandise, payment, shipping, returns, manufacturing and damages, if any, at your store.

- You can transfer all of these rules or some of them, as well as specify other rules in the "Store rules" field, if you want the buyer to confirm his agreement with them when placing an order.

How to add a banner and logo to the storefront?

Banner and logo help customize your store, create an atmosphere in your shop window. The banner is displayed on the window of your store, the logo - on the window and in the order invoice, which the buyer receives by mail when placing an order in your store.

In order to add a banner and logo for your showcase, go to the section Shop - Shop Profile - Logos. Load the required images into the appropriate download fields.

Pay attention to the tips when uploading a banner and logo: images for a banner must be at least 1400 pixels wide, for a logo you need to upload a square image with a size of 200 by 200 pixels.

What is a convenient way of communication to offer the buyer?

You can offer customers when ordering to choose from the communication methods that you set for your store. By default, all available communication methods are indicated for all stores, and when ordering, the customer can choose any of the indicated ones. You can restrict communication methods by specifying at least two communication methods for your store (main and backup / for guest orders). When ordering in your store, the customer will be offered a choice of only those communication methods that you have marked.

If I am temporarily unable to shop, how aboutto mean it? How to go on vacation?

When you go on vacation, you can warn buyers about this. To do this, go to the Shop - Seller's vacation in the Seller's office and create a vacation. When you check out your vacation, you can leave a message to customers, specify the start and end dates for the vacation, and choose whether or not to allow customers to add your items to their cart. After the vacation is issued, a notification will appear above each of your products and in your store that you are on vacation. In this case, your goods will be available in the storefront.

Also, you can simply hide your products from the storefront by changing their status to "Disabled".

How do I get the Trusted Seller label?

The "Trusted Seller" label is assigned to the goods of those stores that have:

- at least 10 orders, confirmed by the tracks of dispatches by the Post of the Russian Federation, CDEK and other logistics services with the ability to check the fact of shipment / receipt online. The recipient's data (name, delivery address) must match the data of the buyer who placed an order in your store.

- at least 3 positive reviews from different buyers left for those goods, the sending and receiving of which is confirmed by the tracking tracks of the Russian Post, CDEK and other logistics services with the ability to check the shipment / receipt online. The recipient's data (name, delivery address) must match the data of the buyer who placed an order in your store.

- no complaints from buyers and site administration

- the average score of all reviews left on the store's products must be 4.6 or more (based on the "sum of the stars of all reviews divided by the number of reviews").

Orders and reviews for orders that cannot be confirmed by the tracking of official logistics services go to the store's sales counter, but cannot serve as a basis for issuing a Reliable Seller label.

The site administrator manually assigns the label to the store. If your store meets the criteria for "Trusted Seller", but still has not received a label, please fill out the special form "Become a Trusted Seller", which is located at the bottom of the main page of our site. Since this label confirms the reliability of the store, each application is considered on an individual basis. The site administration reserves the right to refuse to issue a label if there are complaints or violations on the part of the seller.

What are the options for editing a product?

When editing a product, you can, in addition to the basic features (upload images, give a description and name of the product, put a price on it and select a category for it), also use the following options:

  • indicate a discount on the product
  • specify free shipping for the item
  • indicate the production time of the goods
  • indicate the availability of goods
  • indicate possible product options (options)
  • indicate wholesale discounts
  • upload files to the product
  • enable or disable product in the storefront
  • add video to product
How to make a discount on a product?

Specify the base price in the "Price" field and the percentage discount in the "Discount" field. A red discount tag will automatically appear on the product, the new price will be indicated as the main one, and the original price will be crossed out.

What to write in the "Detailed Description" of the product?

Detailed and correctly described products sell better. Tell us in a nutshell what is good and attractive about your product. Indicate the sizes, available colors, composition, care features and other important characteristics. Try to break the description text into paragraphs - for the convenience of buyers.

Which category should you choose?

You can only choose one category for your product. Try to choose the most appropriate one from the list of categories on the site. You can use the search for a suitable category by searching for the desired category on the product editing page.

How do I create an electronic product?

You can create electronic products (posters, postcards, etc.) in your store. Created products can be free with the ability to download without ordering, as well as paid with the ability to download after confirmation of payment.

To create an electronic product, create a product and check the "Digital Product" box. Then click on "Create". The "Sold files" tab will appear in the created product. Add a new file or folder that you want to offer for upload. Also add files for users to preview in the product card. Specify whether you want to allow users to download files without ordering (activation "immediately") or only after your confirmation (activation mode "manual"). You can also limit the number of file downloads for one user by specifying the number of downloads in the corresponding field.

Remember that on our site it is forbidden to publish products, images of which are a diagram or collage. Only photographs or photomasks for electronic goods can be used as title images for goods. You can use our free e-product design templates (postcards, coloring pages, posters) here .

In stock or on order?

You can track the availability of finished goods. To do this, when editing an item, specify In Stock - Specify the quantity. In this case, with each order, the amount of goods you specified will be automatically reduced. This function is relevant for those who work with a warehouse.

If you make goods to order, indicate the time of their production. To do this, select the Production time when editing the item To order.

If you sell finished goods, but use different sales channels, in your case it would be more correct to select the option Availability - Do not track in the Availability block - then the goods will be sold as finished, but the available quantity will not be indicated.

What are "Options" for?

Options allow customers to choose the color, size, or some other variant of the same product when ordering. Use Options to specify as many variations as possible in an individual product, without forcing the customer to view all the different variations in individual products.

Options options: color, size, material, type of food, decor option, optional, etc.

If you want to use the same options in many products, use the Global Options creation feature. To do this, go to the Options section in your office, create a global option. Then, while editing an item, click on the Options tab and select "Add Global Option" from the list of available options.

How do I create a product option?

To create a product option, first create the product itself. After the product is created, go to the "Options" tab (it will appear only in the created product) and click "Add option". In the created option, specify its name and add options. If the options for an option have a different price, then opposite each option, indicate the difference in price from the basic price of the product. Also note the display type of the option:

- a list of options (on the window this list will scroll, you can choose one from the proposed one).

- checkbox (each option is presented in a separate block on the storefront, the user can tick everything he wants to add)

- radio group (each option is presented in a separate block on the showcase, the user must select one of the options).

Save the created option.

How are products sorted in the display case?

Products on the showcase in categories and on search pages can be sorted as follows:

  • new items above (products are shown by the date they were added from new to old)
  • expensive higher (products are shown by price from expensive to cheap)
  • cheaper higher (products are shown from cheap to expensive)
  • by the size of the discount (products with discounts from large discounts to smaller ones are shown)
  • by popularity (products are shown from the most popular to the least. Popularity is calculated by a combination of parameters such as: the number of product sales, the number of product views, the number of product additions to the basket, the number of images in the product (more or less 4x), the presence of options in the product, availability of a label Reliable seller, the number of reviews for the product.

The buyer independently chooses which sorting type he wants to view the goods.

Services for sellers to promote products on the site and raise them in the "New above" and "By popularity" sorting types will be announced on our site in 2020.

How do I specify a different price for a product option?

When creating an option, you can specify the price difference for each individual option. So, if the price of a product is 100 rubles, and it has three color solutions - red, white and blue, where red costs 20 rubles more, white costs 30 more, and blue costs 100 rubles unchanged, you need opposite red specify 20, opposite white - 30, and leave the option with blue color unchanged.

When choosing options, the buyer will see how the price changes, and when ordering, the price in the invoice will already be indicated taking into account the option

How many images should I add?

It is correct to add at least 4 images of the same product, not counting the option images (for example, photos in different colors). The title image should be done frontally on a solid background. Additionally, demonstrate your product from different angles, close-ups and in use - in your hands or in the interior.

What are the requirements for product photography?

If your photos are of poor quality, unclear, clearly borrowed and do not allow the buyer to get a clear idea of the product, the purchase will most likely not take place. Photos taken against a uniform background (white, light, gray) are more popular.

Reasons for removing / hiding images of your products:

- poor image quality

- small image size

- the same andimages for different products

- inscriptions and watermarks on the image

- diagrams, drawings and collages on the title image

- borrowed images (the basis may be the complaint of the copyright holder, as well as the decision of the site administrator)

What is the size of the uploaded images?

All product images on the site are cropped with a square. Take this into account when loading rectangular images - some of them will be cropped.

The better the image quality, the more often the product is viewed and purchased. We recommend that you upload images with a resolution of at least 1000 pixels in width.

Why were my photos cropped?

To maintain the same style and size of images on the site, they are automatically cropped with a square when loading. Framing with a square occurs only in the grid of products; in the card of the product itself, the image is shown in its original format. You can always see how your image looks by using the "Preview" button when editing a product (click the gear in the upper right corner of the product to preview).

Why disable a product?

You can turn off your products if they are temporarily out of stock or for some other reason they are not available. The "Disabled" status means that the product cannot be viewed on the storefront and purchased, and it is also not available via a direct link. Be sure to monitor the relevance of your products in order to avoid incidents with orders.

How do I add labels to a product?

The following labels can be attached to the goods: "New", "Hit", "Free Shipping", "Official Reseller" and "Discount".

The Discount label is automatically assigned to a product if you specify a discount for it.

The "New" label is assigned to new products automatically by the site system within 24 hours and is active for a new product within 5 days.

The "Hit" label is assigned automatically to those products that have been purchased three times or more.

The Free Shipping label is available to all sellers in the edit of the item.

The "Official Reseller" label is assigned by the site administrator to the goods, the seller of which has submitted an official document confirming the status of the reseller.

How to offer a bulk discount on an item?

You can offer a wholesale discount for any product. To do this, go to the product in the "Wholesale discounts" tab. You can choose whether to indicate a discount in percent or set a price in rubles, as well as set different variations of wholesale discounts for different quantities of goods in an order.

For example: 1 product costs 1000 rubles, and 2 - 1800 rubles (instead of 2000 rubles), 3 goods - 2600 rubles (instead of 3000 rubles).

Or, for example: like this: 1 product costs 1000 rubles, 2 will leave with a 10% discount, 3 - with a 20% discount.

What are "Collections" for?

The "Collections" function helps to organize your catalog by dividing all products into sections (for example, "Wigwams", "Posters", "Nightlights"). The available collections of your store will be visible to customers when they enter your storefront.

How do I create a collection?

Go to the "Collections" section and click "Create Collection". Name your collection, upload a title image to it (this can be a photo of any product from the collection), add your products from the list.

What can you learn from the marketing report?

In the seller's office in the Marketing - Marketing report section, you can see the sources of your orders.

To view the report, you must specify the period for which you want to see the data.

The report will ask you to see how many orders came from each source.

Sources of orders can be:

- Direct - direct visits of visitors to the site. If the source of the order is direct, then the buyer went to the site directly, without going. In the vast majority of cases, this means that the visit was made by a user who is already familiar with the site.

- Yandex Organic - the order was made by a customer who came from a Yandex search

- Google Organic - the order was made by a customer who came from a Google search

- Yandex Direct - the order was made when switching from advertising in Yandex (advertising campaigns for goods are generated and paid by Oozor.ru)

- Google AdWords - the order was made when switching from advertising in Google (advertising campaigns for goods are generated and paid by Oozor.ru)

- Referral - following a link on a website. Most often, these links are social media links. You can more accurately see which link brought which order. On our website, 95% of orders via links come from instagram

You can also see the source of each specific order in the order in the "Where the order is from" tab.

Where can I see product views?

In order to find out the number of views of your products, go to the "Products" tab and in the products table you will see the "Views / Likes" column. It displays numbers for views of your products and for the number of "likes" that users have put.

How to create a promo code for your store?

You can create promo codes for products and orders in your store. To create a promo code, go to the Marketing - Promotions and Discounts section, click "Add a Promotion with a Promo Code".

In the "General" block, indicate the name of the promotion (visible only to the seller in the office). If you wish, you can set the period of availability of the promo code by specifying the start and end dates of the promotion.

Enter the coupon code in the "Conditions". Coupon code is a code word (promo code) that a customer must enter when placing an order to receive a bonus. Examples of promo codes: vesna, stayhome, etc. That is, it can be any word or combination of characters that will be easy for customers to remember and enter when ordering.

The bonus can be:

- discount on the order (when you enter the promo code at the stage of ordering, the order value will be automatically recalculated taking into account the discount)

- discount on products (the promo code will give a discount on certain products that you specify)

- free goods (when buying some goods when you enter a promo code, others will be included in the basket for free - as a gift).

If you want to offer a discount on certain products as a bonus or offer the products themselves as a bonus, then indicate which products are these by clicking on the "add products" button and specifying the required products.

A discount can be offered for a certain percentage of the order amount. For example, you indicate a 10% discount about a promo code. Then, when placing an order in the amount of 1000 rubles, with the introduction of the promo code, the cost of the basket will be 900 rubles.

You can also offer a discount for a specific amount. For example, you offer a discount of 150 rubles with a promo code. Then, when placing an order in the amount of 1000 rubles, with the introduction of the promo code, the cost of the basket will be 850 rubles.

After all the settings, save the created settings. That's it, the promo code is ready to use ..

How do I offer a discount to a customer for pending purchases?

You can see which products your customers have put in the cart, but have not placed an order for them in the seller's account in the Orders - Incomplete purchases section. You can offer a discount to these customers for your items in their cart. The ability to offer a discount on a product is only available for products in the baskets of registered customers; this option does not apply to guest orders. You can offer a specific customer a discount for your specific item in their cart once. To use this option, select a buyer and a product, for which you want to offer a discount, indicate the amount of the discount for your product in percent and click "offer a discount". The buyer will receive a corresponding notification by email. When placing an order for the buyer, the discount you offered will be valid.

How do I know if an order has been placed in my store?

You will receive email notifications about all customer actions (orders and messages). The buyer and the store administrator receive the same notifications.

Also, all information about orders is contained in your personal account of the Seller in the "Orders" section.

What is a guest order?

Some of your orders will be marked as "guest". This means that the order was placed by an unregistered user. Working with such an order is no different from working with an authorized user's order. The only exception is the communication method available to the buyer in this case: he cannot choose the "chat on the site" option, since he does not have a personal account on our website. Even if you, as a seller, have indicated only one option - "chat on the site" as a convenient way of contacting your store, by default the buyer will be offered all other communication methods when making a guest order, except for the "chat on site" method. The button "write to the buyer" will be inactive when making a guest order. Also, buyers who place an order without registering on our website cannot leave reviews on the products they bought, since only registered users can leave reviews and only on those products that they have purchased. This is for a transparent review system on our website.

How is the order paid?

There are currently no payments on our website. Payment for orders takes place directly to the seller by agreement with the buyer in the manner determined by both parties to the transaction (buyer and seller).

What ordering information is available to me?

When an order is placed in your store, you will receive an order invoice by mail, which will indicate:

- the name of the ordered product, its quantity, options

- buyer's contact information (telephone, first and last name)

- date and time of order

- full delivery address

- selected delivery method

- a convenient way of communication for the buyer

- buyer's notes (wishes for the order, method of delivery or payment).

Unprocessed or not processed in time orders may result in a temporary or permanent ban of your store. You can find out about all the reasons for the ban below.

How to contact the buyer?

The buyer must be contacted using a convenient communication method, which is indicated in the order invoice.

This could be:

  • Email
  • internal chat on the site
  • whatsapp / viber
  • sms
  • phone call

In order to contact the buyer using the internal chat, use the "Write to the buyer" button, which is located directly in the order invoice.

For all other communication methods, use the buyer's contacts, which are also indicated in the order invoice.

What are the order statuses and why change them?

The order status can be changed by going to the "Orders" section in your personal account and clicking on the order status. You, the customer, and the store administrator receive notifications about a change in order status.

What statuses are available and when they need to be set:

- "Open" (assigned automatically when placing an order)

- "Paid" (assigned by the seller when the order is paidaccepted by the buyer)

- "Sent" (assigned by the seller when the order is sent to the buyer)

- "Canceled" (assigned by the seller when the order is canceled by the buyer after contacting him, or when the buyer did not get in touch and did not confirm the order within three working days)

How do I know which shipping method a customer has chosen?

When placing an order, the buyer can choose one of the delivery methods that are indicated on the website in the checkout block. This could be:

- delivery by courier (indicate the city of the seller in whose store the order was made)

- Russian Post


- other

After placing the order, the seller and the buyer receive an invoice to their e-mail address, in which the delivery method chosen by the buyer will be indicated in the "Delivery" column.

How to add a track for order tracking?

Today, our site has integrated systems for tracking the items of two postal services - the Russian Post and TC SDEK. If you indicate the tracking number of the item of one of these services, the buyer will be able to track the item directly from our website or from the invoice that he receives by mail.

In order to indicate the track number of the shipment, you need to go to the order you have chosen, and in the "Delivery Information" block indicate the "Tracking number" and "Carrier". Next, you need to save your changes. After that, you can change the order status to "Sent". In order for the buyer to receive an invoice with a clickable track, you need to change the order status to "Sent" after the track has been created for the order.

If you change the order status to "Sent" before adding a track to the order, then the buyer will only receive a notification of dispatch, but the track will not be in it. You can attach a track to the order and change the order status at the same time, for this you need to click on "Create separate shipment", where you can specify the track number, carrier and select the order status, in the notification of which the clickable track will be indicated.

You can attach a track to an order whose status was changed to "Sent" earlier. In order for the buyer to receive a shipment notification (repeated, but with a track) in this case, indicate the track and carrier, and when saving the changes, tick the box so that the buyer is informed about this.

Use one-stop shipping methods or customize your own?

On our site, sellers have a choice: use universal shipping methods that are the same for all sellers, or customize your own.

Universal delivery methods are located in the section Shop - Shop Profile - Delivery Methods. These include 4 ways:

- Russian Post

- CDEK pvz

- By courier

- Other

These methods are displayed on the default checkout page for all stores. They do not take into account any parameters of goods and orders (cost, dimensions, region). If you choose one of these methods, the order amount will not change (the invoice in the "Delivery" column will indicate "The exact cost will be reported by the seller"). This means that the seller calculates the cost of delivery after the order has been placed.

Universal methods are convenient in that they do not need to be configured, you do not need to enter any additional parameters for the product. Their downside is that you still have to calculate the cost of delivery - for each order separately.

If you have set up online payment on the site, or you just want to make the checkout process more transparent and convenient for your customers, then we recommend that you customize your delivery methods.

What can be customized in universal shipping methods?

Universal delivery methods are located in the Shop - Administration - Delivery - Delivery methods. Their parameters are not editable, but you can define which of the configured methods are ready to offer customers a choice when ordering. In order to disable those delivery methods that are not relevant for your store, uncheck these methods and click on the "SAVE" button! As a result, the buyer will be offered a choice when ordering only the methods you have marked. We strongly recommend leaving at least two secondsallowance (the second - as a backup). For example, you can leave the methods "Russian Post" and "Other" - in case it is impossible for the buyer to receive the goods by mail.

How do I set up my own shipping methods?

You can configure your own delivery methods by first disabling universal delivery methods in the Store - Administration - Delivery - Delivery methods section (you must uncheck all universal delivery methods and click the "SAVE" button!).

To add your own shipping method, click on the "+" (add shipping method). For each delivery option with different parameters, you need to create your own delivery method. Parameters can be:

- carrier type (CDEK, Russian Post, courier, Boxberry, etc.)

- region (you set it manually in the name of each method)

So, you can create the following shipping methods for your store:

- CDEK courier (Moscow and Moscow region)

- Russian Post (across Russia)

- CDEK pvz (across Russia)

There is no need to manually describe the cost and delivery time. They are configured in the created delivery method in the "Cost and delivery time" section. The cost can be strictly fixed and not change depending on the goods in the order. This is suitable for stores that sell goods of the same size and weight, and the cost of their delivery is always about the same. Then you can simply indicate in the "Price Dependence" block the condition: if the price is more than 0 rubles, then the cost of delivery will be, for example, 300 rubles. Then, at the stage of ordering, all customers when choosing this delivery method will be shown a fixed delivery price - 300 rubles.

However, often in the store there is a variety of products, and there are different conditions that can affect the shipping price in one way, but for different orders. How to adjust the shipping cost depending on the price, weight or quantity of items in the order, read below.

Shipping cost: price dependent

You can set up the delivery method in such a way that depending on the amount of the order, the delivery cost will change. This is convenient for those cases when you want to offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount. Or, for example, when your store sells large and small goods, the price of which varies greatly, and the price for their delivery differs.

Let's say you have created a delivery method "Courier in Moscow and Moscow region" and want to offer free delivery for this method when ordering from 3000 rubles. For standard orders, the cost of such delivery will be, for example, 300 rubles. Then in the column Dependence on price - Cost of goods, we indicate that if the price is more than 0 rubles, then the cost of delivery will be 300 rubles. If the price is more than 3000 rubles, then the cost of delivery will be 0 rubles.

Shipping cost: depending on weight

This is the most flexible and convenient delivery method. It is suitable for stores with a varied assortment, when delivery costs can vary greatly depending on the order content.

In order for the weight of goods in the order to be taken into account when calculating the cost of delivery, it must be configured for each item. To do this, go to the product in the "Delivery parameters" tab. Indicate the weight of the goods in kg. If, for example, the product is very small and its presence in the order does not affect the cost of the order, you can tick the box "Free shipping". Enter the weight for each of your items. Next, in the created delivery method, specify the necessary parameters:

- weight limit (for example, it is expensive to send some large or heavy goods to CDEK, so in the "CDEK" delivery method you can specify this weight limit (for example, from 0 to 5 kg), and if the weight of the order is greater, this delivery method will not be offered to buyer)

- dependence on weight (here you indicate the cost of delivery for different weights. For example, if the parcel weighs 1 kg, then the cost of delivery will be 200 rubles, if 2 kg - 250 rubles, and so on).

This method is convenient precisely because it allows you to fairly accurately calculate the cost of delivery and limit the delivery methods for different orders. So, if you sell beds and send them only to TK PEC, and send small goods of your store only by Russian Post, you can create two delivery methods in your store with the following parameters:

- TCPEK (for goods weighing from 20 kg)

- Russian Post (for goods weighing up to 20 kg)

If your buyer ordered a kitchen, then the site will offer him only a method of delivery of PEC, if the order contains small goods, then the buyer will only be offered a method of delivery by Russian Post.

Shipping cost: depends on the quantity

This method is suitable for those cases when the goods in your store are the same in value, weight and size, and you want to indicate a price increase if there is more than one item in the order. Then, in the settings, specify the delivery cost depending on the number of goods in the order: if there is 1 item in the order, then the delivery cost will be 100 rubles, if 2 items - 150 rubles, and so on. In this method of setting it is convenient to use the calculation of prices as a percentage - for example, to increase the shipping cost for each item by 10%.

Example for Configuring Shipping Methods for a Store

Take, for example, a store that sells goods of different cost and size and dispatches them in different ways. For example, the store sends bulky goods (kitchens, beds, wardrobes) only by TK PEK, small goods are sent by Russian Post or CDEK, but for different regions the price and availability will be different. We create 6 delivery methods:


- Russian Post in Russia

- By courier (Moscow, Moscow region)

- CDEK PVZ across Russia

- Russian Post (northern regions)

- SDEK PVZ (Belarus, Kazakhstan)

Since the methods will involve the calculation by the weight of goods, in each product in the Delivery parameters section we indicate its weight.

We will send large dimensions only to TK PEC. We indicate in this delivery method the weight limit "from 20 to 100 kg", in other methods - "from 0 to 19 kg". Then, at the stage of ordering, the buyer will be offered only the "TK PEC" method - if he buys large-sized goods, and all methods, except for "TK PEC" - if he buys small goods.

Next, you want to make courier delivery in Moscow free of charge for orders over 3,000 rubles. In this delivery method, you indicate the dependence on the price: if the order amount is more than 0 rubles, then the delivery cost will be fixed at 300 rubles. And if the order amount is more than 3000 rubles, then the delivery cost will be 0 rubles.

For CDEK methods, you want to configure delivery by weight and region. So, delivery of CDEK to the northern regions is expensive to certain positions, and you want to offer this method only for orders weighing up to 3 kg (indicate the weight limit). Then the buyer will not be offered this delivery method if his order weighs more than a certain indicator. But for delivery to Belarus and Kazakhstan, weight is not important - only this delivery method is available to these regions, so there is no need to specify weight restrictions here.

You are ready to offer the "Russian Post" delivery method for all goods up to 20 kg and in any regions, the cost will depend only on the weight of the parcel, which must be indicated in the "dependence on weight" section.

After everything is configured, at the stage of ordering, the buyer will be offered only those delivery methods that correspond to the order parameters, and at the price that will be calculated automatically based on the delivery parameters. The buyer will have to choose from the methods offered to him, based on his region (if there is a distinction on this basis), or from his preferences.

Online payment: how does it work?

Payment on the site is a convenient and useful tool that allows sellers to reduce the time for order processing and increase conversion, and buyers - to pay for goods and delivery directly on the site, without wasting time on correspondence with the seller and manual transfers of money to the card. Also, connecting payment on the site is an important step towards the legality of running your business. Remember that by accepting payments for your goods by transfer to an individual's card, you are breaking the law.

Payments on sites do not go by themselves, they are not carried out by the site, and you also should not confuse payments on the site with transfers of money for goods simply to the seller's card. Acceptance of payments on the site is a process for which the payment system is responsible (acquiring). The site provides you with only a technical base that will provide the ability to enter the acquiring keys and redirect the buyer to the payment page when placing an order. In order for acquiring to process your payments, you must register and conclude an agreement with the payment system you have chosen, which will give you the necessary keys, ensure payments are made and charge a commission for this. Our website Oozor.ru provides an opportunity to connect Yandex Checkout and PayPal.

How is the ordering process carried out at shops with payment?

By default, for all stores, when placing an order at the payment step, the payment method "Agree with the seller" is set. This method is nominal, no payment is made when choosing it on the site. After ordering, you contact the buyer and send him an invoice / payment details.

If the seller sets up his own payment method with the connection of acquiring, then at the checkout stage at the payment step, the buyer will be offered "Payment by credit card", when clicking on "Place order" the buyer will be redirected to the payment page, where, having entered his card details, he will pay for the order ... It is important to remember that the buyer does not enter the card data on our website, but on the payment page of the payment system, this data is protected and is not available to anyone.

An order paid on the site automatically receives the "Paid" status, and the buyer also receives a payment receipt to his email address.

How to connect payment on the site: steps for Yandex Checkout

Connecting payment on our website is available for Pro tariff stores. Also, an agreement with the payment system can be concluded by a company, individual entrepreneur or self-employed. If these two conditions are met, then you need to follow these steps:

1. Submit an application on the Yandex Checkout website, be verified, conclude an agreement.

3. Get the shop id, which will be given to you by the payment system employee, to enter into the settings of your store on the site.

4. In the seller's office, go to the Administration - Payment methods section and create a new payment method. We recommend creating it, but turning it off until it is fully configured.

5. In the created payment method, select your payment system "Yandex Cashier" in the "Processor" block, in the "Configure" section, enter the shop id and generate your password.

6. Be sure to carry out test payments. To do this, we recommend that you create a test product worth 1 ruble, write "test payment" in the comments to the order, after the test, change the order status to "Canceled".

7. After complete payment settings and successful tests, enable the payment method.

A credit card icon appears on all products of a store that has its own payment method configured - this is how the buyer is informed that this product can be paid directly on the website.

Where to go if something doesn't work?

Our site provides only modules for making payments, created for integration by the developers of these payment systems. Problems on someone's side are unlikely; if something does not work, then this most likely indicates incorrect settings.

Contact the technical support of your payment system if:

  • you don't know what keys to enter, orkeys don't fit
  • at the stage of placing an order, the buyer is transferred to the payment page, but the payment on it cannot be made
  • if payments go through, but funds are not received

Contact the technical support of our site if:

  • when placing an order, the buyer does not transfer to the payment page
  • if the payment system you have chosen is not in the list of available
  • if the created payment method is not displayed at the order stage
How to connect PayPal: setup steps

PayPal connects in the same way as other payment methods. PayPal has very simple settings, you can connect it in a couple of minutes.

1. Register with PayPal, get a PayPal user account (in simple languages, this is your PayPal login, for example, test@gmail.com)

2. In the seller's office in the Administration - Payment Methods section, create a payment method with the "PayPal" processor.

3. In the settings, enter your PayPal account (this is the email address you registered with PayPal).

As of 1/07/2020, PayPal transfers between users from Russia are prohibited, so you will not be able to make a test payment in your store. You can make a test payment with the help of friends and acquaintances who are outside Russia.

When setting up PayPal payment, we recommend that you fill in the "Additional fee" column and specify the commission as a percentage. So, at the stage of ordering, this commission will be included in the invoice.

How will the buyer pay for the shipping?

If you use the "Agree with the seller" payment method, then in the order invoice in the "Delivery cost" column, "the seller will inform the exact cost of delivery", and the calculation of the delivery cost occurs after placing the order manually: you send the buyer an invoice / payment details, where the full amount for payment is indicated (cost of goods plus shipping costs).

If you accept payment for goods on the site, it will be advisable to include the cost of delivery in the invoice - so that the buyer can pay for both the goods and delivery at once. Then the invoice will indicate its cost in the "Delivery" column. How to set up delivery with prices for your store, read in the "Delivery" section.

How do I include commission in my account?

In the settings of the payment method, in the "Additional charge" column, you can specify the commission for the payment, you can also specify the name of this commission (for example, "Surcharge"). At the stage of ordering, this commission will also be included in the customer's invoice.

Whether or not to include a commission in the buyer's account is an individual decision of each store. however, remember that the commissions you specify must correspond to the commissions specified in the list of commissions of the payment system.

International version of the site
How does the international version of the site work?

The international version of our site is designed for buyers from other countries. The default display language is English, the user can turn on the currency of his choice - euros or dollars. All information blocks and sections of the site in the international version are displayed in English, and the buyer who places an order in the English version also receives an order invoice in English.

How can I prepare my store for the international version?

The main blocks of the site, email notifications and product names are automatically translated into English. Changing blocks (banners, pages) are prepared for the English version by our employees. The seller of our site needs to translate their product descriptions - manually or using Google Cloud Translation by clicking on "translate" in each product. You also need to manually translate the following sections of the store:

- About us

- Shop rules

- Shipping and payment

- Delivery methods

Also, for the international version, we recommend connecting the PayPal payment method in the Administration - Payment Methods section.

How to switch to the English version in the seller's office?

Open the seller's office in the upper right corner and change the Russian language (RU) to English (EN). All changes that you will make to your goods or store while in the English version of the cabinet will be displayed on the site when the user switches the language to English. In order to check how your products or store are displayed in the English version, go to the site and switch the language to English.

Can I connect PayPal?

Sure! PayPal connects in the same way as other payment methods (see the section "Payment"). PayPal has very simple settings, you can connect it in a couple of minutes. The likelihood that compatriots will use PayPal to pay for goods is small, but Western buyers will want to take advantage of this for sure.

When setting up PayPal payment, we recommend that you fill in the "Additional fee" column and specify the commission as a percentage. So, at the stage of ordering, this commission will be included in the invoice.

To connect this payment method, go to the Administration - Payment Methods section of your work cabinet. Create a new payment method, select "PayPal" from the list of processors, specify your PayPal account in the settings. After setting up, we recommend making a test payment.

How do I include commission in my account?

In the settings of the payment method, in the "Additional charge" column, you can specify the commission for the payment, you can also specify the name of this commission (for example, "Surcharge"). At the stage of ordering, this commission will also be included in the customer's invoice.

Whether or not to include a commission in the buyer's account is an individual decision of each store. however, remember that you have the option.

Obligations of sellers

Since more than eight hundred stores are already trading on our site today, the quality of work of some affects the credibility of others. Unscrupulous sellers and their work can negatively affect both the reputation of the entire site and the ability of other stores to trade successfully. We want to minimize distrust on the part of buyers, so we have introduced a system of sanctions for unfair work on our site.

Reason 1. Late processing of orders.

Orders are processed by sellers within 24 hours. If you receive complaints or claims from the buyer that his order was not processed and the seller did not get in touch, your products may be hidden from the storefront. Hidden products are not available on the site and are not found by search. For information on how to return hidden goods to the storefront, read below in the "What to do after correcting the situation that led to the sanctions?" Tab.

Reason 2. Customer complaints

If a complaint has been received about your store and it is confirmed (by a copy of the correspondence or a photo of the product), then the following actions will be taken in relation to your store:

- complaint about the quality of the goods: warning and negative feedback on your store without the possibility of deleting it.

- complaint about service and quality of service: warning and negative review of your store without the possibility of deleting it.

- a complaint about fraud: upon confirmation of fraud (you did not send a paid product, you sent an obvious defect or other product instead of a paid one, etc.) in relation to the buyer, your store is banned forever.

After issuing three or more warnings, your store is banned forever.

Reason 3. Claims to images of goods.

If we find images of products that are borrowed from other resources / stores, we hide the product with these images and inform you about this with a request to replace the image.

Products with clearly poor quality images (blurry, cropped, collages, circles) we hide and inform you about this with a request to replace the image.

Reason 4. Messages left unanswered.

If the buyer has not yet placed an order in your store, your contacts are not available to him, and he can contact you only using the "Message" button. You immediately receive notifications of new messages by mail, you can also view them in your personal account. Three or more messages that have not been read and left unanswered within three days serve as the basis for hiding your products from the storefront.

Reason 5. Falsification of orders.

If the site administrator detects falsified orders in your store, the order will be canceled and the store will receive a warning. Fake orders include orders:

- orders placed independently by the seller in his store

- orders issued retroactively (the order was sent before placing the order on the site)

- orders placed by other persons at the request of the seller, for which there is no transaction (goods are not purchased)

The site administration has the right to request shipping tracks for orders that may be considered suspicious, these include:

- small wholesale orders (from 5 units per order)

- orders placed by sellers trading on the Oozor.ru website from other sellers trading on the Oozor.ru website

- orders placed by users under different names from one device / ip address

- orders, the period between placement and dispatch of which (according to the change of order statuses) is less than a day

If there are no tracks confirming the authenticity of the transaction, or if there is a track, the data in thedo not coincide with the order data, the site administration has the right to cancel such an order.

If you violate again, your store will be disabled. This measure acts to create a reliable rating of stores and customer confidence, as well as to create a fair competitive environment on our site.

Reason 6. Adding personal data, links to sites and accounts in social networks.

The Oozor.ru platform aims to attract visitor traffic and optimize store sales as its main goal. All the necessary tools for communicating with the buyer, presenting goods and working with orders are on the site. Mentioning personal accounts, personal contacts, links to third-party sites in the description of goods and stores is prohibited. This is due to the outflow of customer traffic and a decrease - ultimately - sales in all stores. If the moderator finds personal data, accounts and links in the description of the goods of the store, they will be deleted, and the store will be warned.

What if sanctions were applied to your store?

If your products were hidden for one of the above reasons, only the site administrator can return them back to the storefront. After you have eliminated the reason that entailed the sanctions, write to us about it using the "Write to us" form at the bottom of the site. It takes us up to three working days to review the appeal and remove the sanctions.

Late payment for services purchased on the site.

You have 5 days to pay for the services purchased on the site, if you do not pay the debt within 5 days, your seller's account and the storefront will be blocked until you pay the debt.