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Large memorial box (beige)

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The large memory box is designed to help you preserve the most precious moments of your childhood in beauty and comfort.

In the large memorial box you will find 24 items:

• Wooden box for the first tooth.
• Box for writing quotes.
• Envelope for ultrasound images.
• Envelope for a tag from the hospital.
• Three fabric pouches: for the first pair of shoes, a pacifier / rattle and one for something especially memorable.
• An envelope of tracing paper for a strand of hair.
• A notepad for recording the achievements of the kid.
• Postcard for hand and foot prints.
• Box with twelve frames for photographs from the first year of life.
• An envelope for a letter to the future. Be sure to write a letter to your already adult child right now. Believe me, years later, it will be of particular value.

All items, including the main box, are made of quality materials, designed by our designers and decorated with beautiful gold foil stamping.

Dimensions: 21 x 31 x 8.5 cm.
The box is made of dense and rigid cardboard with a magnetic flap on the lid and lined with designer paper with a pleasant linen texture.
Inside there is a cardboard lodgment.
Weight: 1100g

Each box is delivered in a branded cardboard box with a rep ribbon bow.

По Москве и Санкт-Петербургу доставка бесплатная.

В другие регионы России - 300 руб.

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Вчера, наконец, распаковала давно купленный мемори бокс! Это восторг! Какие цвета! Какие текстуры! Эти мешочки! Спасибо вам за продуманные до мелочей детали!❤ А заставки для смартфонов! Это любовь!! Вы прекрасны!
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Очень уютный магазин и продавец! Покупала мемори-бокс в подарок подруге на рождение малыша. Все остались в восторге! Её старшая дочка вообще полчаса не отходила, разглядывала каждую коробочку и перебирала карточки. Спасибо!
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