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Children's growing table and chair set

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Children's table and chair.


Children's set for creativity and activities with adjustable height. Suitable for children from 85 to 130 cm in height.

The design of the kit will perfectly fit into any children's room, and is also made in strict accordance with GOST. All parameters are met for the convenience and health of the child!


Delicate palette of colors and their combination with natural wood will not distract the child from classes.

The growing table and chair are made of high-grade birch plywood (birch veneer) and finished with acrylic lacquer and water-based paint.

The table top, seat and back of the chair are adjustable in 3 height categories.

The front edge of the seat is slightly raised for seating comfort, and its depth increases as the chair grows.

You can see how the kit looks in all height positions in the photo.

And the table top has a spacious size of 50 by 70 cm!

The kit is delivered unassembled.


Работаем преимущественно с транспортными компания СДЭК, ПЭК.


Изделия производим на заказ, предоплата 50%,

Остальные 50% оплачиваются по готовности, до отправки.

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