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Sorter "Balls / Eggs on Plates"

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Available ONLY balls. The eggs will appear closer to Easter.

This game is designed to give your child a fun and easy way to learn colors and develop fine motor skills in their hands.
Young children love to sort them by color. You will be able to observe the joy on the baby's face every time the color of the testicle / ball and plate matches.
By playing with your child, you will help him master the skill of counting and acquaint him with basic mathematical concepts: one / many, more / less, addition / subtraction, number / number.

Excellent material for story and role-playing games. Children just love to transport colorful testicles / balls in toy cars, sell them in the store in the form of candies, feed dolls, etc.
A little imagination and the possibilities of this game are endless!

All colors are selected taking into account the age characteristics of children at an early and junior preschool age (from 1 to 4 years old). No unnecessary shades or pastel colors that can confuse the baby and interfere with the normal development of color perception.

With older children, you can play memory by turning the plates over with the painted side down. Remove the testicles / balls from the bag and find the appropriate plate.

Materials : linden tree, colored wax BIOFA (Germany).

Author's play by Irina Berezina, a teacher-psychologist. Be careful, beware of counterfeits.

The set includes:
12 plates: diameter 4 cm, height 1.5 cm.
12 testicles / balls: 3 cm diameter.
1 bowl: diameter 12 cm, height 4 cm.
1 spoon: length 14 cm.
Linen bag
Game storage box

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Очень быстрая доставка, связь с продавцом оперативная, качество товара замечательное
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Очень понравился набор шарики на тарелочках. Каждая деталь идеальная и гладкая. Цвета яркие, сочные. Малышке очень нравится сортировать шарики по тарелочкам. Изучаем цвета. (Дочке 1год 9мес). Вежливые девочки подробно проконсультировали👍 Очень довольна покупкой. Продавца рекомендую!
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Качественный товар, базовые оттенки матового покрытия, дерево обработано хорошо. Ребёнок увлечён игрой, сам придумывает вариации.
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