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Author's play by Irina Berezina, teacher-psychologist.

A game in the spirit of M. Montessori for children aged 1.5 to 5 years.

Trains fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. While playing with balls, the child can lay them on mortars of the same color with his hands, a spoon, tongs or Chinese chopsticks.
The game uses only the basic chromatic and achromatic colors that the child learns during early and preschool age. No unnecessary shades that can confuse the baby and bring discomfort to the gameplay.

We train visual attention, color perception, thinking, fine motor skills, memory, capture.

How to play:

  • Place the balls in the mortar:

- Simple or by color
- By hand, spoon or tweezers

- Turn the mortar over and place the balls into the groove of the base, like in a plate.

  • Build towers:

- Putting mortars into one another
- Turn the mortars over and place one on top of the other.


linden tree, colored wax BIOFA (Germany).

Standard set:
12 mortars: height 5 cm, diameter 4 cm.
12 balls: diameter 3 cm.
1 bowl: height 4 cm, diameter 12 cm.
1 spoon: length 14 cm.
Linen bag
Game storage box

Large set:
12 mortars: height 6 cm, diameter 5 cm.
12 balls: diameter 3.5 cm.
1 bowl: height 5 cm, diameter 14 cm.
1 spoon: length 14 cm.
Linen bag
Game storage box

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