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MUDBOARD, grid, wall organizer, desktop, 50x50 cm BLACK

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Your creative assistant is the MoodBoard, aka the wall organizer - the grid!

Made of high quality metal coated with special enamel, which is applied in workshops and dried in special chambers! Such drying, at high temperatures, allows organizers to be neat and durable! The wires are elastic, smooth, like glossy and very beautiful!

The optimal size is 50x50 cm. Allows placement in a horizontal or vertical position.

Organizers have rounded edges - it's completely safe, no sharp sticks sticking out!

Large cells of 8 cm are suitable for both small and large photographs.

Lightweight, durable and variable board - attach clips, magnets, clothespins, hooks, etc. on it!

Such a grid is a modern and stylish gift for creative and creative people!

Place it on your desktop or hang it on the wall - and have a convenient stand for notes, cards, stationery, jewelry, photos, lists, and new ideas!

Lots of opportunities for embodiment, create your own story every day! Catch your inspiration! WHETHER IN THE TREND!

Each order contains a set of copper clips / clips as a gift!

Отправляем сдэк до пункта самовывоза 340 руб. Курьером 380 руб. Почтой России 390 руб.

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