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Shadow play. Screen + 26 heroes

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Screen for shadow theater is made of natural wood, solid alder. All metal mounts are covered with wooden chops.

The theater screen is soft matte plastic. The screen is stretched inside a wooden frame.

The set includes beech sticks of different lengths to control the characters and set the scenery. Also included is a mobile phone stand. The mobile phone flashlight is ideal as a theater light source.

The standard set of the theater includes 26 characters made of birch plywood.

Additionally, you can order the required number of shadow sets. Just select the required number of sets in the options and write their names in the comments to the order.

Additional kits:

  • Dinosaurs
  • The princess and the knight
  • New Year
  • Christmas Nativity Scene
  • Gruffalo

Our store also has a 2in1 theater for shadow and puppet shows.

Care. Screen wood - uncoated. You can leave the natural wood, coat it with oil or paint it as you wish. Avoid prolonged contact of wood with water. Stubborn dirt can be removed from the wooden frame with sandpaper.

The shade shield can be cleaned with a damp cloth and soapy water. Stubborn dirt - remove with alcohol solution. If static electricity has collected on the screen (dust has begun to adhere), treat it with an antistatic agent. Antistatic agent, you can also remove traces of the permanent market from the screen)

Delivery cost in Russia is 300-400 rubles. Self-pickup in Tula - free of charge.

Delivery by shopping mall SDEK or by Mail.


We try to ensure the availability of products in stock and send orders as quickly as possible. But sometimes the delivery time can be increased due to the large production load. After placing your order, we will call you within one day and tell you about the lead time and payment methods.

To calculate the cost of delivery, indicate the region of delivery when placing an order. Delivery areas in Russia are shown in the last photo. Delivery outside Russia is calculated individually and will depend on the recipient country.

Доставим Ваш заказ в любую точку земного шара.

Работаем с ТК СДЕК и Почтой. Стоимость доставки зависит от веса вашего заказа и удаленности региона. После оформления заказа, мы с вами свяжемся и выберем наиболее удобный и экономичны способ доставить ваш заказ. При заказе от 10 тыс - доставка по России бесплатно.

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