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Waldorf PlayStand, Playhouse

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We made this PlayStand to give your child a cozy place to play and develop. PlayStand is a unique design with which you can shape the developmental space and change it depending on the child's age.

The PlayStand has two halves. You can use them one at a time or together. Install along the wall or assemble a house. This is the basis for a play and development space. Add a light cotton bedspread to any design and you have a magical house.

PlayStand is made from natural solid alder. Coated with certified hard wax.

Based on Playstend, you can collect:

  • Cozy house
  • Children's play kitchen
  • Shop or market
  • Developing Montessori space
  • Puppet show
  • Open wardrobe

Everything you need for this can be found in our store.


1. PlayStand - two wooden shelves, 2 wooden arches.

2. Kitchen - panel with stove and sink, oven, washing machine.

3. Store - a box on wheels, a box with three compartments, scales, abacus.

4. Backstage - two backstage for the puppet theater.

5. Box for toys - a box on wheels and a box with three compartments, the boxes are compactly folded and removed under the bottom shelf.

6. Montessori bookshelf.

7. Maximum equipment: PlayStand, kitchen, shop, wings, montessori shelf.

If you want to buy several products in our store, write to us about it. We can offer you a special price.

Playstend dimensions:

  • lenght 133cm / 52.4 ''
  • width 82 cm / 32 inches
  • height 133cm / 52.4 ''
  • shelf width 24cm / 9.5 ''
  • shelf heights 30cm, 60cm / 11.8in, 23.4in

Top cover dimensions 1.4 m 4 meters

These toys are best for children 3-10 years old.


Attention please! Wood is a natural living material. The shade and pattern of the tree may differ from that shown in the photo.

Caring for the product.

Please do not let the product come into contact with water for a long time. Dirt can be removed with a damp cloth and soapy water. Do not dry the product in direct sunlight. Remove stubborn dirt with sandpaper. Cover the dry item with linseed or hard wax.

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