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from: 07/08/2022 TO: 28/08/2022

Pillow "Forest mushroom"

Production time: 5-7 рабочих дней
2,490 Р
Улан-Удэ (68 Sales)

Size 30 * 30cm.
- The front side is 100% cotton, the back is soft velor.

- A hidden zipper is sewn into the upper part of the pillow. ⠀

- Embroidery mix of acrylic, cotton yarn.
- Hypoallergenic filler Holofiber:
✔️ excellently holds its shape and does not cake;
✔️ does not cause allergies;
✔️ passes air well;
✔️ does not attract dust;
⠀- Before washing, you can remove all the filler from the pillow through the invisible zipper at the top, so the pillow dries faster.

Care instructions:

• Hand wash only;
• Wash in water no higher than 30 degrees;
• Do not use bleaching agents for washing;
• It is recommended to use baby shampoo or soap;
• Dry in an upright position;
• Do not use heating elements for drying;
• Careful attitude will significantly extend the life of the product.

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