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New Year stickers

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Stickers "New Year in the forest"

Watercolor forest dwellers are ready to add a festive atmosphere to your home.

Can be glued to both the wall and the window.

The stickers have already been cut along the outline. Each element comes separately, so you can create your own unique composition.

They can be glued to surfaces of any color (they do not have a white outline like school stickers).

Stickers are easy to attach and just as easy to remove.

in the case of windows, a small amount of a sticky layer may remain, which can be easily removed with a detergent.

The shipment takes place in a sturdy cardboard tube that protects the stickers from jams and damage during transportation.

Includes detailed mounting instructions, a poster and a mini-set of stickers.

The material of the stickers is vinyl with a matte surface.

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Очень красивые интерьерные наклейки. Очень милые. Очень вежливый продавец. Заказ отправлен и доставлен быстро. СпасиБо!
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