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Promote your listings

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What does paid product promotion include?

You can promote your products on our website. Paid promotion includes lifting the product up on the category page, subcategory page and in the search results so that the product is at the very top of any blocks.

The sorting of products by popularity on our site is governed by the ranking algorithm, and the product's rating is influenced by its sales, views, additions to the cart, and other indicators. Promoted products are shown above all other products sorted by popularity throughout the promotion period.

How to promote your product: 3 easy steps

To promote your products on the site, you must follow a few simple steps:

1. In the seller's personal account, select a product for promotion by clicking on "Promote" in the product's "Product promotion" tab.

2. Choose a promotion period and set the daily rate that you are willing to pay for the promotion. The bid determines the place of the goods in relation to other goods on the advertisement: for example, out of several goods advertised in one category, the higher will be shown the goods whose bid is higher.

3. Send a request for moderation.

The advertising display of your product will start immediately after the approval of the application.

Which rate should you choose?

It is wise to increase your bid if there are many promotional items in your product category. Then, the higher the daily bid for your item, the higher it will show in comparison to other lower bidding promotional items.

You can easily check this by going to the category page in which your product is presented, or by searching for your product's keyword: the fewer promotional offers, the lower the bid. Conversely, the more advertising offers, the wiser it is to increase your bid.

What promotion statistics are available to me?

In each promoted product, you have access to statistics on the promotion of this product. You can see the following metrics:

- start and end date of promotion

- number of impressions (the number of unique visitors to whom your product was shown in a category, subcategory and when searching)

- shopping cart (how many times users have put your product in the shopping cart during the promotion. If a registered user put the product in the cart, you can see this in the Incomplete purchases section and offer a discount to the buyer for such products)

- order (how many orders were placed for the product during the promotion)

What promotion period should you choose?

You can specify any promotion period from 5 to 15 days. Obviously, the longer the promotion period, the more impressions the promoted product will receive and the more clicks it will collect. For today, you can determine the promotion period for your product from the following indicators:

- average website traffic per day - 3000 visitors (you can see the actual website visit data in the informer at the bottom of the website)

- the average number of ad impressions is 500 per day

- average conversion on clicks on the displayed product according to site statistics - 1-2%

What product to promote?

The task of promotion is not so much to sell a specific product as to attract the attention of buyers to your entire store. The more views of one product you collect, the higher the chance that customers will see your other products (through the "Other products of this seller" or "All products of the seller" blocks).

Also, views, additions to the cart and to favorites significantly affect the rating of products, and in the future they are shown higher on the site and have a better chance of being noticed.

It makes more sense to promote your less expensive product (although sellers usually do just that - in order to recoup advertising costs in the event of a sale), and not the products that are least sold. It is more correct to promote the goods most interesting to buyers, as well as goods with great offers.

Analyze views and favorites of all your products: those products in which these indicators are the highest are the best candidates for promotion, since buyers have already shown interest in them - they searched through the search, viewed in categories and collections.

An additional incentive to click on the promoted product can be a discount or free shipping.

Will the promotional item be shown on the @ oozor.ru account?

The selection of goods in the weekly section "News of the week", which we conduct within our @ oozor.ru account on Instagram, is at the discretion of the site moderator, and there are no paid services for including goods in this section on the site.

However, we regularly review new and interesting products of the site in order to display them in the heading, and the products advertised on the site are also given preference. Promotional items may be included under this heading.