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Stadiometer "Fairy Tale in the Clouds" for girls

Production time: 1-2 рабочих дня
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1,150 Р
Укажите все необходимые данные на ребенка, внимательно все проверьте! Если данные не нужны, поставьте прочерк.
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Stadiometer "Fairy Tale in the Clouds" for girls.
Can be done with a metric (you can leave the data in the "Comment" field).
On a gray and white background.

Size 33x118cm (36cm on canvas)
Graduations from 40 to 150cm

Two options for ordering:
- self-adhesive matte -1150r.
- on beech slats - 1800r. (natural canvas, natural beech, textile lace)


Which surface is suitable for the stickers? Any flat smooth surface! Tested on vinyl wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper, paintable wallpaper (painted), tiles, fridge wall, glass (window). If you don't have paper wallpapers at home, as they used to be, maybe someone remembers them, and not a very convex relief on the walls, then there should be no problems. Painted walls / surfaces are a moot point here. We tested them on paintable wallpaper, everything holds up perfectly, is easy to stick and easy to remove. It all depends on the primer, paint and even the wall itself. It will be best if you conduct an independent experiment with gluing any sticker in an inconspicuous place - this is the most optimal verification option for you and us. ⠀ We guarantee that our product is 100% quality, it can be easily removed from windows, glass and mirrors, vinyl and non-woven wallpaper and other smooth surfaces. This is where the guarantees about the relationship of the stickers with the wall end, and the responsibility falls on you. We do not know what kind of putty / primer / paint the walls were covered with, what kind of wallpaper you have and what kind of relief they have. The stickers do not leave marks on the walls and are as easy to remove as they are glued. There may be a glue mark on glass and tiles, but the detergent will easily remove everything. Do not forget that we do not give guarantees on how the stickers will behave on painted walls / surfaces and very embossed wallpapers. ⠀ What can be a problem: - poorly painted wall / surface (without preparation for painting, for example, immediately on plaster); - strong constant draft on the wall; -the stickers hang next to the battery (constant heat flow) and get very hot; - very embossed wallpaper with a convex pattern.

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