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Muslin headband NZ studio for kids

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Gentle cloud "- this is how the softest material for babies can be characterized. Muslin revolutionized the world of children's textiles with its lightweight, breathable “wrinkled” structure. Muslin products dry very quickly. Lightweight, airy material, while after each wash, the muslin threads become stronger.

We only work with the best quality two-layer muslin. 

Muslin headband NZ studio for kids is made in the form of a wide ribbon, in the middle of which there is an elastic band. The bandage can be tied in any way, suitable for babies from 0 months 

For NZ studio for kids muslin headbands, you can choose on the website muslin diapers or NZ studio for kids muslin bibs in color.

My sizes:


About me:

Natural, lightweight, softest ribbon for bright looks for the little girls.


100% cotton

Taking care of me:

  • Since I am intended for a baby and will be in close contact with him, I need to be washed or sprayed with steam for disinfection before use.
  • I must be carefully put into the drum of the washing machine, washed at 30-60 degrees in any mode.
  • You shouldn't use chemicals and bleach for me to keep the natural cotton fibers working for you for years.
  • I can be ironed at high temperatures.

Принимаем 100% предоплату переводом на карту физического лица.

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