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BIBS Color nipples

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Danish brand BIBS's most Instagrammed pacifiers are popular not only for their stylish designs, but also because they have a low rejection rate among toddlers.

The colors in the drop-down menu are listed in order from bottom to top, right to left (first photo)

Even the pickiest mini-bosses accept this pacifier because it:

  • made of incredibly soft latex
  • the plastic part is designed so that it does not come into contact with the face, which means that saliva does not accumulate under the pacifier and there is no irritation

Stylish moms around the world choose BIBS for:

  • stylish design
  • large palette of colors
  • high quality latex that does not stick together even after a long service life

In our store, we sell pacifiers from the official distributor of BIBS in Russian packaging, on which you can read all the detailed information about care.

It is recommended to fill BIBS pacifiers with boiling water and hold for about a minute before use. This sterilization method will prolong the life of the teat.

Please note that some time after use, latex tends to grow in size! If you re-purchase the BIBS latex pacifier and see that the new nipple is larger than the previous one (of the same age category), do not be alarmed - this is normal.

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