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Gift set "BISQUIT"

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Production time: 2-4 дня
3,900 Р
Санкт-Петербург (37 Sales)

You have been invited to a bride, or to a christening, or maybe a friend is preparing to become a mother and you are looking for the perfect gift that mom and baby will like, then I can help!

This gift set contains things that will definitely come in handy for the baby in the first year of life.
Soft warm booties made of merino wool and cashmere will warm the little baby's legs.

A rodent made of juniper beads is a wonderful first toy - natural, safe, beautiful. It is convenient to hold the rodent in a small handle, and the aroma of juniper will protect the baby from viruses.

The holder for the pacifier or teething device is a magic wand for mom. How much strength and nerves will she save for mom and save a pacifier or a toy from falling to the floor. The holder can be registered. The cost of a name is 40 rubles for each letter of the name.

All things are created by skillful hands of a master. Beautiful packaging will create a WOW effect!

Your gift will be the most memorable!

The set includes:

- booties for 3-6 months (foot length 9-10 cm)

- juniper rodent

- holder for a pacifier / teasing

- beech rodent Plane (you can choose a figure)

As a gift from me - a juniper spoon.

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Я в полном восторге от набора. Он невероятно нежный, милый, аккуратный. Просто невероятное наслаждение держать его в руках. Очень хотелось оставить себе, а не дарить :) потому что он прекрасен! Большое спасибо вам, Зоя! Это второй мой заказ в вашем магазине. Я в полном восторге и обязательно вернусь уже за покупками для своего сына. Не все же подарки дарить, хочется и для своего ребёнка такие шикарные игрушки приобрести!
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