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Baby's first album "Baked Milk"

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A book for parents who consciously and with pleasure live the tender childhood of their baby.

The album will help you write his own story for your baby, save all the details of the baby's life from mother's pregnancy to conscious age - in photos, memories and notes.

Characteristics of the book:

The size of the book is 21 by 26 cm;

Number of pages - 70;

Paper - 200 g, uncoated (you can write with any pen);

Cover material - binding fabric;

Book binding with a thickened spine (the album will not swell);

Color - light beige.

Album content:

1. This album belongs to;

2. Your parents;

3. The day when we learned that we are waiting for you;

4. Family tree;

5. Hello world! (birth data);

6. Your first photo;

7. The story of your birth;

8. Your first day at our house;

9. Growth chart (weight, growth by months);

10. 1-12 months;

11. Schedule of achievements;

12. With your appearance, our life has changed;

13. Your teeth;

14. Your first words;

15. Your first steps;

16. You sleep well;

17. Our Holidays Together;

18. Handle and leg;

19. For you (letter);

20. You are for the first time ... (4 pages);

21. You get older (6 pages).

The album includes "Lovely Notes to You" and a touching "Letter from Mom"

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