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Set of notebooks (Interview + notebook for notes)

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The set includes 2 notebooks:

  • Souffle (beige notebook) - notebook - interview.

Every year, ask your child funny questions and record the answers to them in our notebook, so that after a while you can laugh at his reasoning together.

If cats or dogs could talk, what would they say? Why do adults smile little? Is it easy to be a child? And 33 more interesting questions. Create your own tradition - interviews for every Birthday :)

Notebook format 21 x 14.8 cm.

Gold stamping on the cover.

Design paper cover 300g.

66 pages (100g paper).

Includes 10 interviews.

  • Chocolate (brown notebook) - notebook for notes.

Use it for letters to your child, write down funny stories related to your child's childhood in a notebook. Maybe he talks a lot? Write down his stories and reasoning. Give the notebook to dad, let him write down his instructions in the notebook) Or maybe you want to use the notebook as your notebook or use it as a desk notebook of your favorite recipes :)

Notebook format 21 x 14.8 cm.

Gold stamping on the cover.

Design paper cover 300g.

100 pages (100g paper).

Notebooks are sold as a set (price per set).

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Тетради очень понравились! Приятный в общении продавец. Отправка оперативная. Я очень довольна, благодарю!
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