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Automatic product translation using Google

All product names on the site are automatically translated using Google Cloud Translation. You can also use this option to translate detailed descriptions of your products. Go to the product, click on the gear (product management), click "translate". The service will automatically translate your product description. You can select all your products and apply the "translate" action to them at once. This functionality is available for Pro tariff stores.

How does the international version of the site work?

The international version of our site is designed for buyers from other countries. The default display language is English, the user can turn on the currency of his choice - euros or dollars. All information blocks and sections of the site in the international version are displayed in English, and the buyer who places an order in the English version also receives an order invoice in English.

How many foreign users visit the site?

During the current 2020, our site was visited by about 480 thousand unique users, approximately 40 thousand (almost 10%) of which are users from outside Russia and the CIS countries. According to the Yandex Metrica report for the current year, the site was visited by users from more than 70 countries, the most frequent are visits by users from the USA, Ireland, Germany, Great Britain, France and Singapore.

How can I prepare my store for the international version?

The main blocks of the site and email notifications are displayed in English by default, changing blocks (banners, pages) are prepared for the English version by our employees. The seller of our site needs to manually translate the following fields of their products and store:

  • Product Name
  • product description
  • item options
  • sections of the store (About us, Store rules, Delivery and payment)
  • delivery methods

Also, for the international version, we strongly recommend connecting the PayPal payment method in the Administration - Payment Methods section.

How do I connect PayPal?

PayPal connects in the same way as other payment methods (more details here ). PayPal has very simple settings, you can connect it in a couple of minutes. The likelihood that compatriots will use PayPal to pay for goods is small, but Western buyers will want to take advantage of this for sure.

To connect this payment method, go to the Administration - Payment Methods section of your work cabinet. create a new payment method, select "PayPal" from the list of processors, specify your PayPal account in the settings. After setting up, we recommend making a test payment.

When setting up PayPal payment, we recommend that you fill in the "Additional fee" column and specify the commission as a percentage. So, at the stage of ordering, this commission will be included in the invoice.

Connection of any payment methods is available for Pro tariff stores.

How do I include PayPal fees in my invoice?

In the payment method settings, in the "Additional fee" column, you can specify the commission for making the payment, you can also specify the name of this commission (for example, "PayPal Fee"). At the stage of ordering, this commission will also be included in the customer's invoice.

Whether or not to include a commission in the buyer's account is an individual decision of each store. however, remember that you have the option.

How are prices recalculated in different currencies?

Buyers can view the prices of products on the site in different currencies - in dollars, rubles and euros. The buyer himself chooses in what currency to view prices, there is no link to geolocation.

Conversion of prices from one currency to another occurs automatically at the online rate, which is updated daily. The currency rate is synchronized with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (www.cbr.ru) .

The order invoice will be issued in the currency in which the customer viewed the site and placed the order.

How do I optimize my store for the international version?


Open the seller's office

Switch your office language to EN (English)


Translate product information

Product names are translated automatically. To translate a detailed description, go to the "Products" section and in each product translate the description into English manually, or using the Google service by clicking on "translate" (available for the Pro plan)


Translate store information

Translate into English such blocks of your store as "About us", "Store rules", "Shipping and payment", "Shipping methods" (if configured), "Payment methods" (if configured)


Connect PayPal

Connect the PayPal payment method in the Administration - Payment Methods section