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Children's step stool

Certified Seller
Production time: 5-7 рабочих дней
3,450 Р
Боковинки в белом цвете
Киров (487 Sales)

Step stool or ladder stool

reliable helper for kids and adults!

* It is convenient to use it in the kitchen and bathroom, so that the child can comfortably reach the work surfaces and sinks.

* It is lightweight and can be carried or moved by the little one

* Adults can use it as a stepladder too

* Also, this stool is suitable for both a child and an adult, for example, to work with the baby at his table or while bathing.

* Made of premium high-strength birch plywood.

* Can be completely or partially covered with color from our palette.

Photo color: white

Max. Load 100 Kg.

Dimensions 30 * 30 * 30 cm.

Step height 16.5 cm.


Работаем преимущественно с транспортными компания СДЭК, ПЭК.


Изделия производим на заказ, предоплата 50%,

Остальные 50% оплачиваются по готовности, до отправки.

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