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Children's table and chair Bunny (back of natures)

Certified Seller
Production time: 7-10 рабочих дней
6,500 Р
Цвет столешницы, сиденья и "носочков" на ножках. Остальные элементы покрыты прозрачным лаком.
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Children's rectangular table and chair bear


Every kid needs their own workplace. And a highchair with an unusual design will surely attract a child to classes! The set is made of natural materials: high-strength birch plywood of the highest grade and solid birch.

We have developed our own wooden chair leg mounts, which are angled so that the chair is as stable as possible. Even if the child stands on it with his feet, or jumps off while standing up, the chair will not topple over or fall.


Finish: acrylic paint and water-based varnish.

Rectangular table shape (50 by 70 cm)

Depending on the chosen growth group, the kit is suitable for children from 1 to 7-8 years old. (see photo)


Colors to choose from from our palette (see photo)

The coloring of the legs can be done in 4 variants (this does not affect the price!):

* completely in natural wood color under varnish

* in natural color with colored socks on the bottom

* solid legs in color

* painted legs in one color and socks on the bottom in a different color.


Disassembled kits are shipped. No additional tools are required for assembly. The backrest is screwed on with 3 furniture screws, and the legs are simply screwed into the mounts that are already installed on the seat.

We send by transport companies CDEK and PEK. At your request, we can send it by another transport company, or by Russian Post. The shipment is insured for the full cost of the order.

Payment from individuals occurs via a link through the Internet acquiring of Sberbank from a card of ANY bank WITHOUT COMMISSION. A check comes to your e-mail.

We work with organizations through a current account.


Работаем преимущественно с транспортными компания СДЭК, ПЭК.


Изделия производим на заказ, предоплата 50%,

Остальные 50% оплачиваются по готовности, до отправки.

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