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Montessori wardrobe lacquered

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The peak of interest in the process of dressing among children falls on 2 years, and then gradually fades away. In other words, if you don't teach your child to dress himself, it will be more difficult to instill this habit at a later age.

A comfortable and compact piece of furniture will help you teach children to dress independently for a walk and keep order in their room. It is divided into a section with hangers and shelves, which will contribute to the development of spatial thinking and logic.

Create an accessible developmental environment for your child with Montessori: the wardrobe will perfectly fit into the interior and will become a point of attraction for your baby.

3 steps to dressing yourself

- Create comfortable conditions so that the child's clothes are available to him. Lay out T-shirts, panties, pants, socks at eye level - on shelves and in drawers, where the child can take them himself. It is important to put a small amount of clothing items, because if there are a lot of them, the baby will not be able to make a choice.

- Show how to choose clothes. Even when your toddler has limited choices, don't expect them to make a decision right away. You need to show an example: "Will you put on a yellow T-shirt or this one, green, with a tiger?"

- Give your baby time to choose what to wear. It may not be easy at first. Set aside enough time and always (!) Accept his choice. After a while, the phrase “Let's get dressed” will be perceived with joy, instead of a scandal.

The size:

Height 104 cm, length 96 cm, width 35 cm

Prices for the Montessori wardrobe:

- Unpainted for self-painting 7890 p.

- Coated with a colorless water-based varnish 8990 r.

- White 9990 r.

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