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Floor hanger

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A hanger and a rack with three open shelves were invented by us for the entrance area (hallway) to develop the skill of dressing children independently and teaching them to order.

However, our clients use it in the children's room as well. Even if you have a closet, there are always things that cannot be put into the closet, but it is too early to wash. And our hanger will help to put things in order in the room! Children from 1.5-2 years old really like to put things in their places, the task of us adults is to support their natural desire! Girls love to lay out their handbags, hairpins, jewelry.

The height of the hooks from the floor is 1000 mm, which allows children to easily hang and remove their belongings from the hanger. The hooks are large, plastic, comfortable and safe even for the smallest fingers.

Open shelves can be used to store hats, mittens and other accessories. Dry shoes can be placed on the lower shelves.

The bottom shelf under the hooks can be used as a bench.

The hanger is stable, not attached to the walls, which allows you to move it to a convenient place.

Material: birch plywood, certified varnish for children's furniture.

Sending goods within 5 working days from the date of payment of the order.

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