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Pickler triangle

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A versatile sports area to develop your child's agility, sense of balance, motor skills

The ability to store in a prefabricated form

Climbing the uneven bars gives children a sense of their bodies in a space where they have the opportunity to test, test and improve their abilities using the body.

Each step on the ladder is a new achievement.

The Pickler Triangle can be assembled into a more compact form, and removed when the child is playing. Doesn't take up much space.

We also have other options.

Pickler triangle

  • - Unpainted 4050 p.
  • - Covered with colorless varnish 4590 r.
  • - Covered with colorless varnish and colored crossbars 5250 r.
  • - White 5350 RUB

Slide to the triangle

- Covered with colorless varnish 2090 r.

- White 2390 r.

The price of each triangle includes:

- Complete assembly. We send it assembled, took it out of the box and use it!

- Safe packaging (3-layer carton, stretch wrap, bubble wrap)

Dimensions of the Pickler triangle

Closed view 77cm (H) * 57cm (W) * 17cm (L)

Foldable, does not take up much space

4 tilt angles 50, 60, 70 and 80 degrees

Expanded height

50 degrees 71 cm

60 degrees 67 cm

70 degrees 62 cm

80 degrees 57 cm

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