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Ash rocking horse

18 месяцев - 3 года
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A special gift for your little one,

which will remain in the memory for a lifetime.

A toy that is remembered with warmth and tenderness all their lives and passed on from generation to generation!


This wooden rocking horse is made by hand from solid ash.
Sanded to a smooth finish, revealing the beautiful texture of natural wood.
Each horse is unique by nature, the wood pattern is not repeated.
Colored elements hand-painted with water-based Tikkurila paints,

approved for children's toys.

The rocking mane is made of jute.


80x30x45 cm

Seat height above floor: 25 cm

Suitable for children from one year old, with a height of 72 to 90 cm

Weight: 6KG


- delicate pink

- elegant blue-gray

- juicy green

Доставка по Санкт-Петербургу в пределах КАД - 350 руб.
В другие города доставка ТК СДЭК - от 400 руб.

После 100% оплаты заказ будет отправлен в течении 1-2 дней, если товар в наличии.

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