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Juniper Massager

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The tactile juniper roller or ball will help develop your baby's speech and memory by stimulating the active points on the palms of the hands.

It can also come in handy at an older age to flex joints and fight insomnia.

Juniper massager stimulates nerve endings and blood circulation, normalizes muscle tone, relieves tension, allows you to train tactile sensitivity and fine motor skills of the hands.

A roller or ball can be rolled between the palms, massage the feet, activating important points.

The Juniper Trainer contains natural essential oils and has a delicious aroma that is very beneficial as it cleans the air of disease-causing organisms.

The aroma of juniper stimulates the nervous system, improves blood circulation and immunity.

Roller size:

Length ~ 11.5 cm

Diameter ~ 2.5 cm

Ball size:

Diameter ~ 3.5 cm


1. SDEK 

2. Russian Post

3. Courier in St. Petersburg


We ship worldwide by Russian Post.

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