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Lighthouse - night light from the network

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A bright lighthouse will always shine for you in the night!
Has a pleasant warm light (3000k). Great for falling asleep with barely switched on lights (at 10% brightness mode)
The night light is equipped with an LED lamp with a choice of 6W brightness.
Brightness adjustment occurs when turning off and on.
The installed lamp lasts for 30,000 hours of operation
Powered by a 220V network.
Can be hung on the wall.
Power cord length 1.7m.
The size of the bedside lamp is 38x35x5cm.
In case of shipment - the night light is packed in bubble wrap and a cardboard box.
The kit includes a light bulb installed in the socket and two nail dowels.

Почтой России - 350 руб

Сдэк до офиса - 350руб.

Сдэк до адреса - 700руб.

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ночник в реальности в тысячу раз красивее, чем на фото! невозможная красота!
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