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Set of wooden food "Vegetables"

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Set of wooden vegetables or fruits
Why do you need such a toy? In addition to the plot of the game, imitation of adults, she lays the image of proper nutrition.
To say that the fruit in your hands is delicious is to say nothing! Large, round, to the touch, rich in color.
Eat them for fun! Pretend it's a whole kid's world and worth a try!

The set consists of 9 items:
Radish x 1 / height 2.16 '' (5.5 cm)
Mushroom x 1 / height 2.95 (7.5 cm)
Carrot x 1 / Height 4.3 '' (11 cm)
Bow x 1 / Length 4.13 '' (10.5 cm)
Cucumber x 1 / height 3.54 '' (9 cm)
Radish x 1 / 3.14 '' (8 cm)
Eggplant x 1 / 3.54 '' (9 cm)
Potato x 1 / 2.36 '' (6 cm)
Turnip x 1 / 2.16 '' (5.5 cm)

The set consists of 5 items:

Apple x 1 / height 3 '' (7.5 cm)
Strawberry x 1 / Height 2.16 '' (5.5cm)
Orange x 1 / Height 2.16 '' (5.5cm)
Lemon x 1 / length 3 '' (7.5 cm)
Pear x 1 / h 3.34 '' (8.5cm)

Information about production, delivery, packaging:
The set is made of wood and natural oil. There is a faint smell of natural oil. The child can play with it and take it in the mouth.
Oil-treated surfaces are safe for contact with skin, saliva, food. Does not contain solvents. Therefore, we paint our toys with our finger, without gloves!
The uniqueness of the oil coating is that each part absorbs oil differently and is colored depending on the structure of the wood. Therefore, there cannot be identical details in color, transitions from dark to light are visible.
Oil composition: a mixture of processed, modified vegetable oils (linseed, safflower, walnut oil), a silver-based biocide. WITHOUT SICCATIVES!
Our toys are handmade. The model is the same, but each toy is different. Each item is handmade and will be slightly different from the photo. I'll tell you how toys can differ from each other and from photos:
1. Color. We create the colors ourselves. Colors may be faded because we use natural oils. The color shades differ from the wood structure: smooth or porous wood surface. The tree itself absorbs oil as much as possible. If we don't have any color, we can replace it with a very similar color.
2. Structure. Oil does not paint over the structure of the tree. Oils show all irregularities, knots, wood rings, wood overflows, roughness and others.
Size 3. Handmade toys may vary in size. The discrepancy can be about 10% of the indicated size.
4. Defects. There may be minor defects in our toys. This is a sign of handmade work. For example, oil does not fit evenly, small dents in wood, glue, roughness, etc. Do not paint over. Such nuances can be, they do not affect the use of toys. We do not have a goal of making perfect toys, we have a goal of creating interesting and unique toys for children.
5. Supplied in secure packaging. Individual gift wrapping is paid separately.

Our toys are painted with oil and can be washed with warm water and a little soap. Dry the toys with a towel after washing. Toys should not be left in water or dried on radiators.

Our finishes are 100% organic and 100% non-toxic
If the product is out of stock, then the lead time for the order is 7-10 days

Made in Russia!
Have a good day!
Best wishes

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Остались очень довольны набором! Овощи очень приятные на ощупь, красивая упаковка, ребёнку понравилось. Продавец очень вежливый, интересовался, все ли пришло в целостности. Смело могу порекомендовать)
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Спасибо за чудесный набор, очень красивые и аккуратные овощи, приятные на ощупь. Отдельно отмечу вежливого продавца, который быстро связался, отправил заказ, а потом напомнил забрать его из пункта выдачи👌
0 0
Чудесный набор! Выглядят как настоящие, идеально гладкие, такие мягкие цвета! Малышке (8,5 месяцев) понравились: достает их из мешочка (я говорю название овоща), кормим игрушки или сами грызем с удовольствием. Приятно пахнут маслом!
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