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Wooden rocket

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A rocket made of natural wood with an astronaut inside. The toy is large, height 18-20cm.

Please pay your attention:

Visual features of the structure of wood, the shape of the core, the pattern of knots, the pattern of the tree, color, annual rings are not a marriage. Like moles on the human body, they are not our defects. Our workshop philosophy is about moderate consumption and less waste. If we reject a tree because of its peculiarities, then we will contradict the main idea of our store. Therefore, this fact must be accepted, realized and made your choice.

If a clean look of wood without a pattern is important for you, please indicate this when ordering and we will do our best to select (assemble a set) for you the most suitable version of the toy. If this is not possible, we will inform you about it.

После согласования всех деталей заказа 100% предоплата.


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Самая красивая деревянная игрушка 😍 и вообще все, заказанные товары этого бренда очень понравились. Буду заказывать ещё, спасибо за вашу работу ❣️❣️
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