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Pyramid "Geometrics"

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Multifunctional developmental toy :

- fine motor skills and coordination of movements

- spatial representations (right / left, above / below, in the middle)

- mental operations of comparison and classification.

Game options :

1. Sorter You need to put rings on each rod:

~ Identical in shape (circle, square, triangle)

~ Same type of wood (maple, oak, beech)

~ Rings of different shapes so that there are no repetitions.

2. Logical sequences Place several rings in a row in front of the child in a certain logical sequence and ask her to continue. For example: ~ circle, square, circle, square, ...? ~ triangle, circle, square, triangle, ...?

3. Magic bag Remove all rings from the wooden base and put them in a tight, non-transparent bag. The child needs, without looking into the bag: ~ grope for any figure, name it and then remove it from the bag. ~ get only the round rings and put them on the rod on the left. ~ get three different rings and put them on the rod on the right, etc.

4. Drawing Rings can be traced, creating figurative figures: house, tree, sun, etc.

5. Lacing Rings can be strung on any rope or lace.

6. Development of interhemispheric connections + auditory attention Spread the rings around the wooden base.

Rules: we take the circle only with the right hand, the triangle with the left, and the square with both hands.

Task: collect all the circles on the rod on the left, triangles on the rod on the right, and the square on the middle. The "Geometric" pyramid is often used as a diagnostic material to assess the development of the cognitive sphere of preschoolers.

Age: 1+

Materials: The pyramid is made of three types of wood: beech, oak and maple.

Dimensions: 19x6x9 cm

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Всё очень качественное и оперативная доставка!!!
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Качественный продукт, радует детей :)
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