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Memorial "Flags of the world" in a cardboard box

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More flags! The new set has 30 countries = 60 tokens.

New convenient packaging format. Carefully polished solid beech wood chips, colorful and durable UV printing, coated with linseed oil and wax mastic. All this in a compact stylish cardboard box with magnetic closure.

Memorial rules

Before the start of the game, the chips are shuffled and laid out in rows face down. The players take turns revealing two chips. If the pictures are the same - hurray! The player takes them for himself and makes a new move: reveals the next pair. In the event that the pictures do not match, the player puts them in their original place and closes them. At this point, you need to remember which pictures were opened. Whoever collects the most paired chips wins! ⠀


What are the advantages of the memorial?

  1. Suitable for children and adults
  2. Simple rules
  3. Improves memory
  4. Strengthens concentration of attention
  5. Develops visual memory and observation
  6. Expands horizons and erudition
  7. Trains perseverance in preschoolers
  8. You can play alone or in a fun company
  9. Will brighten up family leisure
  10. A great gift for any occasion


Мы принимаем оплату онлайн с помощью агрегатора платежей Яндекс.Касса. На деле, после оформления заказа мы свяжемся с вами, чтобы уточнить детали и после вышлем уникальную ссылку, по которой вы сможете оплатить множеством разных способов, включая банковские карты. Все платежи без комиссии. Ваши данные будут надежно зашифрованы, а на электронную почту придет официальный чек. Все четко))

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