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Chanterelle gurney

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Chanterelle on wheels, for the little ones and not only!
Children play it perfectly, develop fine motor skills.
By playing with a toy on wheels, children give it the opportunity to move and by doing this they develop their imaginations.

All edges are rounded and finished, water-based paint, water-based varnish. The wheels are made of soft pine that you can chew on! The chanterelle itself is made of 1-grade Yaroslavl plywood, it turns out to be very durable, and even if it falls from an adult's hands, its thin legs or tail will not break! They do not break, because they are made of plywood, in which each layer is laid on top of each other with fibers in different directions. For example, completely wooden toys do not like falling very much ...

The size of the chanterelle is 10x10x5cm.

Made by hand.

Почтой России - 350 руб

Сдэк до офиса - 350руб.

Сдэк до адреса - 700руб.

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Спасибо узору за знакомство с Никитой и его деревянными игрушками!) Лисичка и кит очень классные, качественно сделаны, гладкие, отлично катаются, ребёнок доволен!)
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