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Train - steam locomotive with carriages

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This steam locomotive with carriages will become your child's favorite toy. On it, he will be able to travel to the most different corners of his imagination.

The cars are conveniently coupled to the locomotive and to each other. You can make up a very long train.

A steam locomotive is a locomotive designed to pull wagons. In its cab there must be a driver who controls the speed and movement of the entire train. Together with the steam locomotive comes a small wooden man 5 cm high.

Designed for comfortable travel of toy heroes. The roof opens up, and you can put several small dolls inside it.

Freight car
Required for transporting large items and animals. With it, games become more interesting and varied.

Platform wagon with a car
Can be attached to a steam locomotive or any other train car. The car can be removed from the platform and put back, you can play with it separately.

100% eco-friendly materials:
Natural wood (beech, oak, alder, pine)
The toys are impregnated with linseed oil, which protects the wood from humidity and temperature changes, and is also a natural antiseptic.

Steam locomotive - 21x5.5x12.5 cm.
Passenger carriage - 21.5x8x14 cm.
Freight car - 21.5x6.5x8.5 cm.

Platform wagon - 21.5x6.5x8.5 cm.

The locomotive and carriages can be purchased separately, forming your own individual train composition.

Steam locomotive - 1100 rubles.
Carriage - 1100 rubles.
Train (steam locomotive + any 2 carriages) - 3000 rubles.

Train (steam locomotive + 3 any carriages) - 4000 rubles.

Gnomes and a horse are not included in the package!

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