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Children's "Tumi Ishi" 16 stones from 8 types of wood

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Tumi Ishi translates to Mountain of Stones.
This is a Japanese board game that develops hand motor skills, a sense of balance, teaches patience and concentration.

Our stones are not very different from each other in shape and size, and are designed primarily for children's play .

They are made in such a way that the child succeeds by building a tower of stones, and does not get upset if he does not succeed, and the tower constantly collapses.

How to play:
Tumi Ishi can be played alone, with the whole family or with a friendly company.

We offer you several options.
1. You can build a tower, or any other structure. The higher and more balanced the building is, the more joy. This version of the game is suitable for one person.

2. If there are several players, then the stones can be laid out in turn. In this case, the stones can be divided equally among themselves or chosen one at a time from the general heap of stones.
* In the team option, ALL players win if they manage to use all the stones from the set in the construction and it will stand steadily without support.
* If opponents are playing, then the player who laid the stone that destroyed the tower is considered the loser.

3. We build a long snake from stones
* from dark to light
* alternating light and dark stones
* alternating the vertex of the face in shape: triangular, quadrangular,

4. Find pairs of stones from one tree. They are similar to each other in several ways: color: pattern, texture, weight.

5. Develop auditory attention: "Find the heaviest stone and place it on the lightest"

6. In a role-playing game, stones can be magic crystals, cakes, supports for a bridge.
With this set, you can easily come up with new options for games, because your imagination will run with you!

And also, "Tumi Ishi" stones look wonderful in the interior and can become a wonderful gift not only for a child, but also for an adult. They will help you relax your head, meditate, and maybe even "catch Zen."

All our games are very nicely packaged!

Age: 0 to 99+

Materials :
- several types of wood
- linseed oil

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Очень быстрый заказ и быстрая четкая доставка. Спасибо продавцу! Игрушка приятная наощупь, ребенку нравится. Исполнение на отлично, все аккуратное, приятно играть. Очень довольна, буду заказывать и дальше!)
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Замечательные камешки-кубики! Интересно расставлять в разные фигуры)) И что очень понравилось - кубики пахнут разными породами древесины. Помимо развития моторики, внимательности и концентрации прививается еще и любознательность :)
Сервис на высоте :) Все доставили оперативно и на всех этапах взаимодействия операторы были внимательны. Спасибо за приятные впечатления! :)
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Прекрасный набор, очень увлекательный) доставка быстрая, качество отличное, упаковка приятная, остались очень довольны и сервисом и самим набором😉
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