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Statistics for December 2020

by Администратор

Hello dear sellers!

Our monthly traffic and sales overview for December 2020 is ready.


This month, 89,317 visits were recorded on our website. The share of new visitors was 88%. Average daily attendance is 2881 people.


In December 2020, 2,123 orders were placed on the site (2,045 items were sold in them) . The average check was 3224 rubles. Below is a schedule of orders for the year - from December 2019 to December 2020.

Entry sources leading to orders in December were distributed as follows:

Sources of orders

- 872 orders were issued from direct visits to the site (these are repeated user visits)

- 371 orders were placed when clicking on the links in Instagram / taplink of sellers' accounts

- 250 orders were placed when clicking on an advertisement or a link in Instagram / taplink of the account @ oozor.ru

- 151 orders were placed with organic search in Yandex (what is issued to users without ads)

- 197 orders placed from organic search in Google (which is given to users without ads)

- 218 orders placed when clicking on ads in Google

- 64 orders were placed when clicking on ads in Yandex

Sellers can see statistics on the sources of their orders in the Marketing - Marketing Report section.

General Statistics for December 2020

  • 116 reviews were left on products purchased on our site this month
  • One or more orders were placed in 283 stores (total number of stores 592, active stores with goods - 519).
  • 30% of orders placed on the site were paid by bank cards on the site (in stores with connected payment)
  • 17% of orders were placed by visitors from the English version

Congratulations to all stores who had sales in the past month and all newcomers who joined our project.

We also congratulate the stores that received the Reliable Seller status in July.

We wish you all sales and success)

Yours faithfully,

Oozor.ru administration