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What is the Oozor.ru seasonal campaign?

This is a full-fledged image and marketing event for the sellers of our website, which includes:

  • thematic photography of products on a seasonal theme (autumn, winter, spring, summer)
  • posting pictures of the campaign in the feed of our account on Instagram
  • placement of campaign products in a collection with a banner on the main page of our website
  • collection advertising on Instagram

When do seasonal campaigns take place?

Seasonal campaigns take place four times a year: autumn (September), winter (December), spring (March) and summer (June). Acceptance of applications begins 1.5 months before the start of the campaign.

Who can take part in the Seasonal Campaign?

Any seller on our website with a full store can participate in the campaign. The size of the goods presented for shooting should not exceed 30 cm in any projection (folded textiles are allowed). One product from each store can participate in the campaign. Applications for participation are moderated, the campaign includes only those stores whose applications for participation have been approved.

How is the photography of goods going?

The goods are sent for photography with a return by the specified date, after the shooting we send the goods back to the sellers. Sellers receive detailed instructions on sending goods for filming after the approval of the application for participation in the campaign. An example of an attachment description is here .

How many and what pictures does a campaign participant get?

Each participant can participate in a campaign with one product from their store. As a result, two pictures are sent: with the seller's product and a paired one with the other seller's product, which can be used in your social networks to tag each other and attract new subscribers. Images are sent in two formats: square - for publication in the feed / in the store on the site and elongated (with increasing height) - for publication in stories.

What is the aggregate reach of the campaign?

One campaign post with 10 pictures in the carousel is published in our Instagram account feed - two products per picture. The total post reach (organic plus targeted advertising) is 60-70 thousand accounts).

All products are included in the seasonal collection on the website with a banner on the home page. The aggregate coverage of viewing the collection per week is 2-3 thousand visitors (organic site visitors, excluding advertising conversions).

What does a seller get by taking part in the Oozor.ru seasonal campaign?
  • two professional shots that you can use in the store on the website or open the season with them in your social media account
  • the opportunity to show your products to a huge audience, raising the ratings of your products through views, additions to the cart and sales, which, in turn, will have a positive effect on the overall store growth dynamics

How much does it cost to participate in the Seasonal Campaign?

The total cost of the service is 2999 rubles and includes:

  • product photography
  • photo editing
  • inclusion of a product in a post on Instagram
  • advertising campaign of publication on Instagram
  • inclusion of the product in the header collection with a banner on the site

Payment for the service is made on the website through the order form using the link that sellers receive after the application is approved.

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